James Comey on Donald Trump and the FBI – BBC News


The former director of the FBI, James Comey, has accused Donald Trump of telling lies.

“He has a habit of… telling lies, sometimes big, sometimes casual and insisting that the people around him repeat them and believe them and that stains any human,” he said.

In a wide-ranging interview Mr Comey told Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis that he doesn’t believe the president has anyone around him to stop his impulsive behaviour.

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Date: November 15, 2019

43 thoughts on “James Comey on Donald Trump and the FBI – BBC News

  1. Pres Trump should help to these innocent people, who were harmed by cia. This mutual insulting is no way, it makes all issues more bad, that it is and it is no good Image of country, which is already bad thanks to well known criminal organization, which is resposnible for all possible desasters. cia should be dissolved, because it is the main source of tragedies in USA and in the world.

  2. All criminals blame the law enforcement officers for their own crimes. This is clear with this madman Trump and his cronies around him, who just go along with his delusions to try and keep their jobs. The FBI & CIA are Americas greatest asserts and should be treated with respect considering the numbers who have lost their lives in these organizations to allow this fat Turd to live a party life style…….John ( UK).

  3. "When you lead an institution that's involved with public administration of justice, you have to care that people have faith in confidence" ummm no dude people have faith in the truth, not your confidence. The FBI fricken means something to the people… act appropriately for us please

  4. The Catholic church has us to believe 100% lies in scripture making us to think that we need money that divides us not needing each other. They lied saying there are three persons in the Godhead. That would make three thrones, and lied saying the body was uncomely not worthy of honor. This body is Gods image needing Gods likeness in it, and lied about Hell when the wicked are burned up forever and lied about charity when charity, KJV, is not an earthly thing. Money is a wedge that is driven between us saying we are independent. The person is dependent on money not dependent on the many people in the world. Money scatters. They that scatter are none of his. People think: What resource can I use to make money with? Animals who cannot say yes are used. They cannot say: What are you doing? You are killing us. Jesus said, ask and receive, not asking amiss. Jesus in us will not ask amiss. Money is causing the conflict.

  5. That guy is a liar, he's not a real FBI agent, that guy is a terrorist gang criminal, he's against the USA and the American people, the real U.S. Army needs to attack those terrorist criminal gangs and destroy the enemy and all of their property, and seize all of their illegal property.

  6. BBC Dumb fks! lol you fell for the lies and most likely was helping Hillary as a favor to Lynn Rothschild. lol Why do you listen to a liar and a leaker? England is trying to control America? The man let Hillary Clinton get away with everything because Lorretta told him too. Seems Lorretta and the Clintons are close friends. Wasserman Schultz is still a government employee after hiring and keeping a terrorist on the pay roll after he was allowed Classified information and stole millions of tax dollars. She kept him on the pay roll for another 6 months. Why? What did they have on her? Why is Hillary not in jail? Why was Bill allowed to get away with rape? How many little kids have they tortured. raped and eaten?

  7. And a year later the BBC will not report on the findings of the Muller report that delivers zero evidence of Trump/Russian collusion. The BBC are a disgraceful Fake News Leftist Propaganda Unit.

  8. Why did you refuse to be knighted by HM Queen Elizabeth II? You would still be able to travel all over the place. You would have money. You would be under the protection of the Crown. You grew up with me in Kirkuk, Iraq since you were six months, why would you turn against me and treat me like your worst enemy? Vic 'LOL' Alexander

  9. Tell 'em all about the v2k voice to skull harrassment you were involved with Comey you fk ! Using global satalite positioning microwave technology just like they did in desert storm but on a much larger scale now to cause all kinds of rukus for innocent victims. Talk to us about all the suicides you caused!

  10. a couple things sir you havevto run me some personialty tests and get those back let me tell you this ok the United States of America jills people and uses their personailties ok do somejidu saidbif thats teue well try a couple and the role play withalot ok so the guy ran a couple thats whatsbgoibg on now on rhe righy side ofvmy neck is the bame known as the mob takibg the whitemans thats what she is shev is futtung so his fat ass us overvthere stealingbthe white mans persobialty tgey are stumbling sbd stuck in my body

  11. Did Trump Fire The FBI director because he didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute Clinton?? Or because he had evidence on him and his family?? Isn’t it his job to hand over evidence to a prosecutor…Not make a judgement on it….or leak it…We all know Russia leaked the e-mails to Wiki Leaks. It’s all so Dodgy!! Putin has all the goods on Trump!! And he knows it!! Of course they bugged him when he visited Russia! A high profile American Business Man! What a Fool! Asking for Loyalty from an FBI director! This guy is Smart.. but Slippery! He got the top job in law enforcement… They are all corrupt!! Is the answer!!

  12. Comey should have submitted to authority. The investigation was already closed it was wrong to reopen the case just days before the election. Comey is arrogant and self righteous concerning his personal integrity and he thought it was his job to be a savior of sorts of the justice department and FBI. He should have followed Justice department protocol and do nothing to interfere with an election. Full stop I’m waiting for the day he will admit “HE WAS WRONG“

  13. He stabbed Hillary in a political move right before the election, so he helped elect trump. When the guillotine of justice arrives he will have a place in that line regardless of how well he does in interviews. actions matter, words are bullshit.

  14. It's so amazing this man can sit after being ass fucked by the clintons and obamas all those years and I wonder how he can still piss since his cock and balls were removed by michelle obama and given to oprah as a christams gift.

  15. Comey isn't a good liar. The way he answers the questions with such innocence. Comey" I don't know about that, I'm not angry with Trump, I'm a very private person, acts like he's out to save the world from Trump. Face it! My president fired you.Its over Comey. Go away quietly now before you blow a gasket

  16. Trump was and is backed by the Mafia – Genovese Crime Family (New York Mob). That's why he behaves like a Mob Boss. The proof of this is in the interviews on CNN with Anthony Scaramucci and Rudy Giuliani. It also proves that the Mafia still runs American politics and the Military (since the time of Vito Genovese who teamed up with Jewish Organized Crime in the 1920s. We also have evidence that the Mafia are involved in the Human Trafficking Trade, the Cannabis and drug trade, pornography trade and the AIDS Epidemic. They've been killing people in Italy and the Catholic nations since AD 500, maybe earlier, and spread through Britain, Europe and Northern Africa through the Roman Empire. It is time to execute all the Mob. #executethemob

  17. Comey not only leaked … but laundered the info in this Dossier through a Columbian law professor. We now know was a fake document made up, & presented to a judge for spies to watch Trump, containing allegations of a conspiracy between Trump's 2016 campaign and the Russian govt, known as the "Steele dossier"
    Regardless if you are a Dem, or Rep we should be concerned about abuse of this process. It will happen, the explosion will take place on these corrupt Dem politicians, & President Barry Ovomit is involved as well. People on the left should go to jail.

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