Jason On His Juice Box #6 – One Glass Of Juice Raises Risk Of Cancer



Well according to the front page of the Daily Mail it does! The study that’s being reported is the ultimate click-bait but doesn’t really stand up to closer inspection!

I haven’t done an episode of my ‘Jason On His Juice Box’ series for a while but felt the need to do a mini episode after seeing this headline.

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Date: October 14, 2020

46 thoughts on “Jason On His Juice Box #6 – One Glass Of Juice Raises Risk Of Cancer

  1. WHAT 50! Did u just say U just turned 50!!!! You just turned 50!! "WHAT"? YOU 50! Wow…. juicing keeps u fit and looking so much younger then ur age.

  2. Jason, I was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer in November last year. Straight from diagnosis I began juicing between 1.5-2litres of fruit and veg each day and have continued to do so. My energy levels are amazing I wake up every morning feeling the best I’ve ever felt. I’ve had some amazing results in recent scans and I know they will continue. I’m not saying that it’s just the juicing but this alongside my treatment has changed my life 100% for the better. I’ve watched many of your videos and your documentary. I’m going to do your juicing course. You’re an inspiration, keep up the good work please 🧡

  3. Stupid will never stop! I am 2 time stage 4 n nutritinist pushed eat fruit,veg,nuts, anything for healing! You are so SPOT ON WITH THIS

  4. The article said sugary drinks which I think is more tied to processed juices that have added sugars and stuff like those V8 fruit juices and stuff which is very different than our juice machines. The headline is totally “read bait” for the newspaper when it has nothing to do with fresh juices.

  5. Hey Jason – look on the bright side, at least it means there was absolutely nothing else at all, of any real value whatsoever to report on that day – so no bombings, murders, celebrity suicides, political subterfuge, government conspiracies or corruption, etc etc.

    To counter that argument, are you collating or recording any data from your client base?
    – what's the long term health rate of clients from 'Juicy Oasis' vs the national population – I'll bet they wont run a front page headline on that 😉

  6. I don't suppose they mention what fruit juice. I can believe it if it was the fruit juices you buy in the shops that are full of everything but natural fresh fruit juice.. But not home made fresh fruit juice.

  7. Skeptics like to be heard jason. Newspapers like to cause panic. Scaremongering. That's why they print the headline, then repeat themselves and then get onto the small details that actually oppose the headline. But the panic makes people buy the paper to read. Should be laws about printing crap that isn't actually news.

  8. Hey Jason. I love what you’re trying to do to get people to eat more fresh food. It would be interesting to see if you can read the original study. Scholarly writers are usually very careful to discourage over interpretation of their results, but news outlets can often be guilty of this. Not to mention that even if there is a link between drinking juice and cancer there’s no way to tell from this kind of study if that is a causal link or if both of them are perhaps caused by a third unknown factor. I recently heard about a study where scientists were able to closely track what people were eating and measure their level of inflammation Via their insulin response. They found that the exact same foods generated quite different insulin responses in different individuals. So it stands to reason that for some people the amount of sugar, even in fresh juice, might be more significant than for others. In this way you could easily see some individuals having very good results from drinking juice and others not so much. We need to push for a more closely controlled studies that can actually establish causal links to find out what effects at the population level we can expect from different foods, realizing that not all “healthy foods“ may be ideal for all individuals.

  9. Thanks for clearing this Jason. It's amazing what people will jump on as truth despite the good things the opposite gives them. And you look amazing for 50! ❤️❤️❤️

  10. don't take any notice of mainstream bullshit , do the opposite and you'ii be fine , this bollocks is designed to create stress , do what makes you feel great , adios

  11. 🤦‍♀️ This is why I don't read newspapers or watch the news. All scare tactics to keep people living in fear.

  12. I wonder if the study was even done on fruit or vegetable juice. In the UK they call coca cola, pepsi, irn bru, any type of fizzy drink juice.

  13. My momma always said don’t believe everything you read. Man it must have been a slow news day over there for them to put that on the front page. Just received Turbo charge your life if 14 days. Can’t wait to start. 🇨🇦

  14. Reductionism sucks! They just equate Fruit = Sugar. How stupid is that! Just remove the refined sugars. That makes sense. X = Y so Y = Z. Does not compute.

  15. Ha ha ha. You do make me laugh! I saw that headline and NEARLY read it….but decided it would give me a scare against what I truly believe! I further assumed it was probably done against non freshly pressed…
    I don’t want to stop juicing….so I chose not to believe it! 😂😂😂. Thanks for the soap box confirmation Jason!

  16. Wow that's crazy. They don't want us to be healthy. They know people would read that and be afraid. Thank you for keeping us updated Jason and team. Much love and support from España.

  17. I wish the Daily Fail would fold. It's nothing but a scaremonger. It worries me how many people believe what it prints.

  18. My Husband has kidney issues and when the Doctor (specialist) was telling him what to eat and drink, he said that fruit juices were too high in sugar and that he would be better of drinking Pepsi Max….!!!!>???? WTF!! Hubby just looked at me and smirked!

  19. Yeah I had a doctor who used to tell me stuff like this (who's no longer employed at my practice 😂). Funny thing is that I have soda maybe 4 times a year. They used to never tell me anything about soda but used to try to scare me away from juice and natural sugar.

    The problem is you've got this sugar scare going on and people buy into it so quickly. Love my juicer and its helped my health a ton!

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