Jeremy Corbyn on Andrew Marr Show (FULL Interview)- BBC News


Full interview with the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Andrew Marr Show.

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Date: January 16, 2020

24 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn on Andrew Marr Show (FULL Interview)- BBC News

  1. Yipee YIPEE Corbyn and his socialism is FINISHED !!! We can all breath a massive sigh of relief . We can now continue with the neo liberal policies, introduced by Thatcher which have given the MAJORITY of the population the highest living standards we have ever had by MILES.
    Break out the Champagne.

  2. A leader has to make hard decisions and Corby is clearly not capable of that at all , he wouldn’t kill the leader of Isis if he could ? And the whole point in nukes is a deterrent, it stops countries nuking us because they know they will get one back so stops them doing in the first place , terrorist sympathies

  3. I don't give a hoot about any religion or race when they use their religion to cower our politics to their will .
    I normally don't bother voting but now I will definitely vote for JEREMY CORBIN,purely because he is being targeted by the Jewish lobby for their own support of a rogue Israeli govt .Antisemitism has been effectively WEAPONISED to silence freedom of thought and freedom of speech .We are NOT in Israel nor are we voting for an Israeli govt.Antisemitism is now an expression of the hatred of others be the Jewish lobby. Watch the LOBBY UK and then ask yourself who (which outsider)is interfering in British politics .

  4. Would you vote for Corbyn?……… Small business tax increase £5,000 for small businesses, pensions for 10 million savers deducted by £11,000, Homes worth over £325,000 taxed at 40% when left to your children, energy Bill's increase for everyone £65 a year, increase petrol cost by 16p a litre, raised fuel duty to stop poor people being able to afford to drive, gift tax on £125,000 so you can't leave money to children without government taking 40%, scrapping capital gains on main home owners, replace council tax with a more expensive, progressive property tax they can raise whenever they want and scrapping the personal allowance so people on low wages will no longer be exempt from paying tax. Conservatives have done a good job in fact, have you seen our growth even through the scaremongering of remainers? Growth bigger than Germany for goodness sake. Stop lying. No one in their right mind would vote for this man. Promoting peace? By using our children as sacrifices? Not a bloody chance.

  5. Those letters to the submarine captains are kept secret, no-one else will ever read them, apart from those captains in the event of a nuclear strike on the UK.


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