Joburg authorities on high alert as inter-provincial travel enters day 2


Law enforcement visibility has remained high on the roads as South Africans move between provinces following the relaxation of lockdown regulations. The Johannesburg Metro Police Department and Emergency Medical Services officials were on the M2 East Highway this morning to ensure rules are maintained. Our reporter NOSIPHO MNCUBE and GQABI NJOKWENI were there earlier.

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Date: May 31, 2020

9 thoughts on “Joburg authorities on high alert as inter-provincial travel enters day 2

  1. Looking at these masks. They wear them for long hours. What they do not realise, is that many marks worn are incorrect, hindering the full amount of oxygen going into the lungs, when they breathe. The same applies to the exhaling of carbon dioxide, that should be exhaled out into the air, yet is being inhaled back into the lungs. How healthy is this. (As one Doctor has said). Comments are being removed. Most posts in SA have Comments switched off. Begs the question WHY.

  2. I am seriously concerned. I'm white. How long do I have? How long before your security agents come to my door and take me away? I do know you have consultants from the CCP helping you implement all the surveillance tech that they have been developing to control the narrative in China. I know the rest of the world is moving away from China as they have proven to be untrustworthy and abuse human rights, whereas ANC is moving closer. The fa t that my comment was deleted tells me those systems are coming online and with the assistance from YouTube who is still pandering to China , have got the net of dissent well covered.

  3. You Tube deleting my post..? Is this because I said something bad about ANC??? Freedom of speech? I didn't use foul language. I didn't threaten or use hate speech so …what was the reason for deleting my post. Ok… Sorry! Vote ANC guys! They're doing a great job.

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