Joe Biden faces challenges from Russia and China as he aims to rebuild US leadership – BBC News


Joe Biden’s first overseas trip as US president will be to the UK for the G7 summit in Cornwall in June.

That will be followed by a NATO summit in Brussels, as he seeks to reassert America’s global leadership amid rising tensions with China and Russia.

Both countries have escalated their military activity recently – China around Taiwan – and Russia on the border of Ukraine.

Reeta Chakrabarti presents BBC News at Ten reporting by world affairs editor John Simpson.

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Date: September 25, 2021

25 thoughts on “Joe Biden faces challenges from Russia and China as he aims to rebuild US leadership – BBC News

  1. hmm china wanna step up? and for what? go ahead china.. you do realize tho.. you have 1 billion peopl there remember this.. you clearly don't care about your citizens..start shit with us..? hmmm mess with us? hmm 1 billion dead.. whats the purpose? and you think these morons arent going to be affected by this..? where you going to hide at…? anyways 1 billiion dead. so sit down and shut up china.

  2. Yes, American hegemony is over! American arrogance and hypocrisy should wake up! The United States discredits and attacks the Chinese people, which cannot solve the United States,结束了,美利坚!

  3. YERLERİN VE GÖKLERİN VE HERŞEYİN SAHİBİ YÜCE ALLAH çin doğu Türkistan kardeş lerimizi zülmeden zalim bir terör ve işgalci terör örgütü çin yok olmaya mahkumdur ALLAHIN İZNİYLE zalimler için yaşasın cehennem

  4. Can you believe this guy do you know what the Chinese government does to their people? do you? and he saying Russia is inhumane? are you kidding me? as you shake hands with the Chinese leader are you joking? do you think that we are not on your ass? you liberals really gave Biden this power I think you should pay with them Claiming Republicans are racist you are racist liberals you watch your leader shake hands with the guy known for killing his own people hurting his own people keeping them in poverty one of the most inhumane countries known to man and you support this guy and his behavior that is disrespectful to everybody who has died who was murdered under the Chinese rule are you sick in the head….. and it’s prejudice by the way don’t change words just because you look stupid.

  5. Biden has knowingly participated in the cover-up of corona 19 which got him elected in the first place Biden will have to pay for his crimes This is more than a scandal this is how he got elected there is no way that we will not do a reelection or he will not be charged and sent to Russia because I know he has some crimes over there I do know that Russia has no problem charging him for the crimes he has committed Rashed is on our side not Bidens the American people or for Putin and right about now they are done with lying Joe Biden Most of them won’t even go as far as making the entire country communist just to make sure Joe Biden pays for his crimes like everyone else this is about Biden doesn’t realize Biden’s actions have never had consequences time and time again he got away with the most criminals behavior ever known the man he will have to pay that he will pay more than any crime ever committed if only we knew with the virus Came from and didn’t wait a year saying Trump lied and that he’s racist then maybe we could I had a chance of not letting so many people die but instead he lies, goes against evidence to help cover Chinas ass and his own I’m sorry but this is the last straw for Joe Biden American people stand up and make sure he sits down

  6. I want Biden charged and sent to Russian gulag then If he serves all his time he can come serve his sentence we got over here.

  7. The fortold King of the North, a situation with the West, that will lead to the War That Will End All Wars! Almighty's Just War to defeat his Enemies and to End Wickedness! He will Win! Then his Messisnic Kingdom will fill the Earth! 🌎🌱❤📌

  8. Represents greatest global threat since the rise of Hitler !!! 🤣😂🤣 You must to understand that Chyna are preparing for a particular war and not preparing for the possibility of war !!! A big difference in preparedness. The west and India needs to wake up. The global pushback must be maintained at full speed !!! 🤣😂🤣

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  11. America's not a superpower simply on account of nuclear missiles (most of which are on subs). No, America's a superpower mostly because of the amount of firearms in civilian hands, thanks to the founding fathers. So take the game of chess, Mahjong and get lost. Vermin.

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  16. The current side of the candidates are Trump or Biden.

    If you want me tbh, neither is a good fit to be a president. Trump has already run for president and how most of what he did, didn't even help bring US together. Even if he did some positive things, the negative things outweigh his positive things.

    You know what, I think US is slowly falling apart, well faster then ever before.

    I was born in Canada and my parents are Chinese, I have visited China like 4 Summers ago and dam it is way better then US currently.
    First of all, our transportation system sucks even Canada system is better then ours, our healthcare sucks, our education suck, our tax most of them basically goes to the military for goddam reason. Our technology is meh. Our economics is going downhill. Our elections sucks. America is corrupted, if this goes on, America will slowly rot down from inside. America basically blame other Countries when things doesn't go their way and it is sad how they don't even try to fix it but blame. More people is going homeless in US. Racism is happening in US is growing, it ain't even "United". Oh how we call it United State. Our media sucks, literally corrupted from the inside.

    If you look at the bigger picture, all USA have been doing now is literally bickering back and forth. Words with no actions.
    Like there are so many things in USA is just a laughing stock.
    I can freaking go on and on with my list.

    There is no freaking left or right side, just forward.

    I would just moved Country if it was so easy tbh.

  17. When I grew up, I knew that it was very difficult for one billion people to have food and to dress warmly. What the Communist Party did wrong back then was also a portrayal of the Chinese. It is not easy for the people to live in peace and prosperity after 30 years!

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