Johnson details three-tier Covid rules for England – BBC News


Boris Johnson tells the Commons there will be a new three-level alert system for England – medium, high and very high
Liverpool will on the highest level of alert, the PM says. He adds he does not want a new national lockdown.
He will hold a news conference at 19:00 BST
More people are in hospital with Covid than before lockdown in March, says NHS medical director Stephen Powis

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Date: October 14, 2020

22 thoughts on “Johnson details three-tier Covid rules for England – BBC News

  1. In SEPTEMBER channel 4 released a leak that this Borris lunatic made a passed a policy the Seed care homes with positive tested patients.
    This is Orchestrated genocide. The eugenics master Dominic Scummings in control. All funded by Bill Gates. Population control

  2. Bill Gates
    Google – Patent 060606
    It's the end Goal.
    We are all in deep Shite.
    People all you have to do is Google the above. All will become crystal clear

  3. Tell Boris to ask Prime Minister Mottley of Barbados to help him to get England free of Covid cause he hasn't got a clue him and Hancock. Learn from the Ministers of the Caribbean Island how to do it and SAVE LIVES some of the poorest countries in the world keeping things under contro for their people l. Boris and Trump needs to go not good leaders at all. Bloody Morons.

  4. 我和Queen Elizabeth是分开!以前也是!现在也是!永远都不合体;!所以Queen Elizabeth family没有发言权!顾您自己

  5. Most people have no idea what is going on today with 'power plays'. 1) Lawyer. Dr Reiner Fuellmich, discusses 'Crimes against Humanity' calling the "PCR tests" a corona scandal. And encourages a 'class action lawsuit' against W.H.O. and individuals involved in the corona PCR test fraud. Of course mainstream news will not report this because mainstream news agencies are 'compromised'.

    2) See Tony Heller's investigations with graphs and news articles going
    back two hundred years showing the forest fires have always been
    happening at a larger scale and even more often….and that average
    temperatures are not increasing but rather staying about the same….the
    ice caps are contracting and expanding….This is just one of his
    presentations. I suggest
    perusing Tony Heller's investigation into temperature fudging by NOAH
    and NASA  
    This doesn't mean we don't need to protect our oceans from plastic
    pollution or ignore ground water contamination from fracking pollutants;
    or forget to protect our wilderness areas from urban sprawl and
    clear-cutting; or do nothing to keep our air as free of pollutants as

    3) The dangers of the Deep State's Great Re-set, is due to the shady
    characters behind the plan.
    And these billionaire businessmen support the corrupt vaccine industry
    and questionable climate change measures. Now that is what is
    concerning. I mean the oil industry (British Petroleum) supports 'green

    4) How both parties want power and use the African American movement
    towards their goals:
    Here's Kamal Harris at it:
    The discussion with Malcolm X is most revealing.

  6. 我母亲公司是没有什么给大家分享所谓(空头股份)!!因为和Queen Elizabeth行政方式不一样

  7. This government is an UTTER circus act. My kids have gone back to school, but they are different ages and are at different schools. One is on a 14 day quarantine, because that year has several incidences of COVID, spread BY their teacher! The other is allowed to go to school!? This makes about as much sense as a chocolate teapot.

    HOW can this buffoon claim to understand the difficulties people are facing when he clearly doesn't have the first clue about how life/reality actually happens?

    They claim kids are less susceptible yet I am seeing multiple cases in multiple years, in different schools now. Those kids go home and infect their parents. Do they bother testing anyone other than those showing symptoms? No. Have they bothered to do any kind of track/trace? No. It's utterly impossible in a school environment. Instead this moron imposes restrictions on the rest of us, so we can quietly suffer in our own homes (until we either die or go bankrupt and can no longer even have homes) or go to work and wait for the tax rises that will be required to pay for asinine policies such as 50% off meals! Yes, let's jump start the economy with idiotic populist polices on a sector that only accounts for 5% of the god damn GDP!

    How is it that education is considered important, but employment isn't? What is the point in even pretending that education matters, when entire years are sent home for 14 days after every single confirmed case of COVID? My kids are going to spend more time at home than at school.

    Clearly the lockdown was a total failure, so it is utterly meaningless for this fop to say he's not keen on another round of the same. It didn't work! We know it didn't work. We can SEE it didn't work. It's not that the public have lost patience, we just know you are utterly clueless and your ridiculous, contradictory 'regulations' are just causing even more irritation and grief.

    I really cannot believe how incredibly myopic and idiotic these people are…

  8. The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club.

  9. I don’t think Boris like actually realises that schools and businesses are the reason it’s quadrupled over the last 3 weeks
    In lockdown we were very very slowly resisting it
    Now we are back
    More people have lingered together at school and businesses
    Now we’re going back to what it was before March 23rd
    Get your damn head straight Boris PLEASE

  10. Just remember, pubs and restaurants MUST close at 10pm. It doesn't matter how many students gather at one place in time, just go by 10. Because everyone knows, the virus only shows itself after that. What a bunch of Tory tossers.

  11. Why on earth are all these people in the Commons not wearing masks ?
    I'm a Swiss scientist, and I can tell you that even though you are at a distance of 1 or 2m, there's a quite high risk of catching the virus while someone is talking… this looks quite pathetic, like in a theatre. It's a pity Science is always put aside…whilst the economic interests matter more than life in general !

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