Justin Hartley & Chrishell Stause's Split: New Details | E! News


Amid affair accusations swirling about the “This Is Us” actor and “Selling Sunset” star’s divorce, new details emerge. Why did Justin file for divorce? Watch.

Full Story: https://www.eonline.com/news/1178849/heather-rae-young-weighs-in-on-chrishell-stauses-devastating-divorce

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Justin Hartley & Chrishell Stause’s Split: New Details | E! News


Date: October 14, 2020

42 thoughts on “Justin Hartley & Chrishell Stause's Split: New Details | E! News

  1. The only people saying that he didn’t cheat are Justin’s team!! Of course they’re going to deny it!! And of course he cheated

  2. It's always hard to judge when looking in from the outside, but regardless, how it happened was awful. He texted her, then within a short time the press knew. Pretty heartless in anyone's book. The guy seems like a jerk, and public opinion seems to agree on that point. It isn't a good look. How did this affect his child? He doesn't seem to have any regard for anyone but himself. He did his ex-wife a favor, whether she knows it or not. His daughter is stuck with him, unfortunately. Anyone who thinks this guy is a good catch is in for a rude awakening.

  3. Justin will get his match soon. Many of these young actors, as soon as their career is becoming successful or have a breakout moment, they UPGRADE their women/wives. e.g keven Hart, "The Rock", Dwayne Wade, Garth Brooks..the list goes on & on.

  4. No HART in hartley who does this to someone there suppose to love ,one sick motherfucker I think the young lady definitely hast the biggest freaking hart .


  6. He cheated … just admit Justin . Seriously any man who can jumó right into a new relationship clearly shows they were already in one .

  7. Who wrote this story for E! News, get the story straight, this guy did it for the money (signing a new contract to make bucks) and he got sloppy on his story with the date of filing as seperated when he was seen out with his then wife. Then he got into a relationship so suddenly??? Write the story correctly, he's a d*ck and you sweeping it under the rug means I can't trust your reporting. I also will not be watching any film with Justin Hartley again.

  8. He sounds like he needs a broom handle to prop his back up , …the spineless wonder……. He text the lady because he is a coward to do it face to face.
    Chrishell your a beautiful lady , so sweet and you deserve better. Move on onwards and upwards.

  9. The ex wife is an idiot. Men can be great fathers yet horrible husbands. After All she is also divorced from him. Chrishell is heartbroken. She's right, you don't go looking for greener pastures, water the one you have. He already hv a gf so what does that say about him. I pray her brokenness is healed for good n karma knocks on his door.

  10. Cheated or not. TO TEXT YOUR WIFE YOU WANT A DIVORCE.!!!! That is disgusting… that's all the headlines I need to know. Weasel..!!!!!!

  11. I don't care how famous one becomes, how much more money one gets, you don't tell your spouse that you're divorcing them over TEXT when they stood by you as you were struggling.

    I don't have any respect for him, obviously fame has got to his head and of course he moved on quick, they generally do when they think/delude themselves that they're suddenly "too good" for someone as wonderful and down to earth as Chrishell.

    I hope she never changes for anyone, I think she is awesome as she is. To put it kindly, he is a downright fool.

  12. I think they had problems and he cheated. Theres no way he moved on that quickly without having cheated with the new woman in the months (or longer) leading up to the divorce, because i doubt hed let it go public for some rando he met right after the divorce since it makes him look so bad. He probably put off the divorce for so long, the mistress gave the ultimatum, hence the hasty text and filing. The fight Chrishell spoke of the morning it happened was probably the perfect excuse for him to latch onto as the final straw. Whatever happened in their relationship doesnt really matter anymore anyway, his actions alone have ruined his reputation. Only a trashy person texts to ask for a divorce. And it was beyond disrespectful of him to go public with his new relationship so soon. It doesnt matter what kind of marital problems youve had with a person, they still deserve your respect. Its being genuine enough to be aware of the fact that you did love and cherish and respect this person at some point, enough to marry them. Its being considerate of how fragile they are after everything ending. Especially if you know that person is someone who still loved you, was fighting for the relationship and someone you already blindsided by suddenly walking out. He's a cold man.

  13. Justin's team doing major damage control we all know he was cheating and we know the reason he's saying they split in July is because his This is Us contract was renewed and he wants to make sure she gets none of that money so that's why he put July cuz his contract was renewed a month before the news broke that he'd filed for divorce.

  14. A solid man would not have divorced a woman via text. If he didn’t cheat while they were married, he was thinking of it. Chrisgell is such a beautiful person inside and out, we all know she is going to do well. It’s his loss at end of the day.

  15. Wow! I didn't think this was how Justin would treat his wife. He asked for a divorce over text. Who does that? Chrishell needs closure but she probably won't get it unless he is honest. He has already moved on…how fast was that. The new girlfriend needs to be careful if she wasn't the mistress to begin with….he is not mature and has a pattern. The ex. wife needs to stay out of it. Justin might be a good father but if he was so exemplary why did she divorce him.

  16. Lost all respect for him . A man of dignity and self worth would not blindside his wife with a request for a Divorce! Uncalled for . Lack of respect and empathy for his wife . Lucky to get TIUs part even though he plays the “beefy” xSoap actor … yeah , what a stretch . Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

  17. The most curious statement is from his ex wife. If Justin was such a great guy, husband and father, why did they divorce? This whole thing is Justin's PR people trying to make him look decent but to me, they failed at every level.

  18. No solid man divorces his wife & few days later move on with another girlfriend. Oh you mean to tell me they fall in love overnight? He thinks people are dumb.

  19. No matter what happened he is a coward he cant be that of a solid man..to text your wife about a divorce is nothing but disgusting

  20. Exemplified lmaooo girl that’s only cause he pays you child support and probably supports you. Everything shows that he cheated. I’d be rolling in a grave if it wasn’t true.

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