Kabul airlift winds down as bombing death toll reaches 170 – BBC News


The operation to airlift thousands of Afghan and foreign citizens out of Afghanistan is winding down. UK troops are leaving and US forces are expected to depart on 31st August.

It comes as the death toll from the bombing of Kabul Airport has reached at least 170. Many more are badly injured including young children. It’s one of the deadliest attacks in the Afghan conflict.

The UK prime minister Boris Johnson has admitted that not all civilians eligible to leave will be airlifted out.

Western nations are now considering what influence they will have over the new Taliban regime after their military withdrawal.

Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Secunder Kermani and Lyse Doucet in Kabul and by our world affairs correspondent Caroline Hawley.

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Date: September 20, 2021

48 thoughts on “Kabul airlift winds down as bombing death toll reaches 170 – BBC News

  1. America need to focus on the American people Biden should said I didnt promise the AFGHANISTAN people nothing. Bring back all the American people and troops and that it. Now Biden just ask for another 6.4 BILLION DOLLAR for the 150,000 AFGANISTAN so they can buy houses, cars, businesses. What do the American people get NOTHING just the bill that the poor people have to pay back because the RICH PEOPLE DON'T PAY TAXES.

  2. This is what crazy sharia law gives to the world. there will never be peace untill that bloody extremism exists in this world.

  3. Woke Washington, busy with Critical Race Theory, Gender theory and PC pronouns, seems blissfully unaware of the massive scale of this defeat in Afghanistan.

  4. Britain you are users ,employing Afgahnistan ppl, with the promise of UK residency, then you leave them there , at the hands of the taliban
    Hang your head in shame
    1,000 ppl that you USED , left to die .

  5. Through my follow-up to the BBC Arabic channel, which speaks for the British government, I found it to be the most insidious media channel directed at Muslim peoples .It puts poison with honey to show that it is independent and of a neutral nature in conveying the news and spreading the programs through which it puts poisons to these peoples

  6. I really feel for parents who have lost their children and children who have become orphans. May God give them comfort in their hearts

  7. A cowardly nation can never develop. The status of the country is like that of a mother. If someone attacks your mother, will you leave your mother and run away and take refuge in someone else's lap? These people are just eager to get a European visa. That is why this is the situation in their country. Save your mother from shameless people. Settle your country. How long will you run away? People like you have done this to the country for forty years. Come back and show a little pride. Now it is not the Taliban. The Taliban have now changed and it is only a matter of time before you die. Shame on you.

  8. America has become a laughing stock all around the world, unfortunately. People in Europe don't see America now as a place of freedom, common sense and wealth. They see instead: "love everybody, protecting borders is racism and LGBT the patron of every kindergarten" 🙂 These are the most inportant things for US government right now 🙂 I forgot 🙂 , If you express your opinion, you are Nazi!!! 🙂 Bravo Americans 🙂 More, young people who voted for Biden don't care a lot he's almost a vegg… Young Americans the future of the country? 🙂 You sure ? 🙂 The president who doesn't know his name with dementia, responsible for all country? Is this a joke? America has become a country where people love socialism because they think 🙂 socialism is when you socialize with other people!!! 🙂 In America Facebook can block even the president's account 🙂 Not mention your YouTube the master of censorship. In America if your opinion hurt somebody's feelings you'll lose your job 🙂 Holy moley!!! God bless America. They will need your help, no doubt. Please don't get it wrong. In Europe we also have problem with all these stuff. But you are the best 🙂 If you are bored and want to see something unbelievable just go to America 🙂

  9. How is it that ICAAN has gotten away with having pedophilia material on there computer? Internet is corrupt. There is technology to sensor the web but they only put it on end user computers. They want the porn and illegal stuff still on the web to sell. Please arrest the directors at ICAAN and stop the illegal material being distributed to the world. I haven't realised myself but they are protecting the pedaphilic and abominable information from being removed and we been asleep. ICAAN is a private corporation arrest them.

  10. To all the military,
    that feeling in the back of your pants doesn't mean you have crapped yourself.
    No, that is the tail between your legs.
    Shame on creepy Joe Obriben.
    Could everyone who voted for him raise your blood covered hands and go

  11. Please don't condemn those that are living there, trying to ensure their families safety.
    In every country I ever worked in (23) ordinary people have the same goal … feed their family and provide them with health and education.
    In the 21st century, is it really beyond our means to provide basic health care, basic education and basic rights for all????
    We shut down our World and quickly produce a vaccine for a new virus…..but what have we done to produce a vaccine that has killed and disabled millions? My own grandfather, a british soldier was evacuated to Alexandria from Galipoli due to malaria in the first world war. He survived but regularly had 'fevers' when he was bed ridden in later years after returning.
    I had a colleague (Oil industry) who was a very fit and healthy young man (40s) that died after being discovered in a comatose state in his flat after returning from Nigeria.
    Why has the World never addressed issues which affect the population of the world – instead they panic about the ECONOMY of the world?

  12. Accept the Lord Jesus Christ as he is the lam and is the hadjl, the gospel of your salvation. Not any religion can save you. We were all deceived by Satan and his devisions many people worship false Gods, follow false doctrine, have idols, worship deities and practise many religions.
    Jesus christ is not a religion and hated religion, as it is false. Catholics and al other nominations, Buddhist, Hinduism, New Age are all manmade beliefs based on each cultures and holy scriptures. There is only one that can save, as he rose from the dead, so we can defeat it also.  The only prophet and the son of men of the living God written about in the KJV Holy Bible.
    The God of Israel. The God of all creation, The Word that was made flesh in Jesus Christ.

    Only born again Christians are on the path of salvation. It's you in Christ and Christ in you. By doing the will of God the father with help from the Holy spirit. Formost believing that he is the only anointed able to forgive sins, not the pope or bishop. They honour Mary and Saints over Jesus Christ, Emanuel, Son of Man, Prince of Peace, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords our true saviour. Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
    Believe in the finished work on the cross. Heal the sick and cast devils out. Do good works, but abide in his sabbath rest, as he abides with the spirit in you. 24/7.
    Have your mind renewed and do what Jesus says you should do.
    There is only one father and that is in heaven. We honour, Father son and Holy Spirit.
    I recommend, asking father God for truth and revelation and insight for a awakening.
    keep up with the good work for the kingdom of God

    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ and his church and ministries, with regards to his saints, angels and prophets of righteousness.  Bless Gods kingdom and his Holy spirit.  Bless all the children on the earth, and the young, old and those with infirmities,and those suffering bondage, hunger, famine, war and imprisonment.
    I pray for the lost, all back sliders, and all The nations and its leaders. I pray for all my brothers and sisters in the faith, all unbelievers and sinners.  I pray for my kids, family, extended family, friends neighbour's, enemies  and those of Christ.
    Hallelujah praise his mighty name and bless those that read this. Jesus loves you all. Amen. Xx

  13. Their are people who dont care. They government has said they have shifted 15.000 people already?? But really! Because only 150 people would fit in the few military planes that were there. So which 15,000 is this??

    Dont forget these people who arrive dont throw cans of beer everywhere! They work hard and pay their taxes to help YOUR country. Whether you like it or not.

  14. What we don’t understand is which powerful country is funding the Isis and taliban. And why?

    What we also don’t understand is why are these foreign countries helping Afghanistan for free??? The question is,, is it free? What might they be after?!
    We all know no country risks and sacrifices their soldiers for free. There is always a catch. Always.

  15. I am stunned to hear that the death toll has reached 170. In its original "breaking news" the BBC talked of "casualties". That was a ridiculous understatement verging on deliberately deceitful. Perhaps the BBC should dig a little deeper before "breaking news", especially as the BBC has the most highly funded state broadcaster news operation in the world.

  16. Hi. Minute to Christ. We are living in days of anguish, famines, wars, pain, mourning in many places. The earth presents the signs of the shaking that show the approach of Jesus' return. Humanity has turned away from God and his holy teachings with bitter consequences. But even amidst all this chaos, God graciously offers us a way of forgiveness, mercy, and refuge in His immeasurable love, through the blood shed by Jesus Christ. He says; "Though your sins be scarlet, I will make you white. If you believe and will, I will give you my goodness on earth. Iz1". Believe in Jesus. Call on Jesus and you will be saved. You are loved by God. Pray. Always read the bible. Greetings from Brazil.🌺🌻🌼🌸🌹🏵🌷🙏

  17. Shouldn't have taken the western money! If a foreign army occupied my country I wouldn't join it for cash to be an interpreter! The west cannot liberalise Islam. Afghanistan is intrinsically a conservative Muslim country let them sort it out themselves for good or bad! America and its Allies only had the mandate to go after the planners of 9/11 not to stay for 20 yrs and bribe the afghanis into becoming a liberal/progressive Globo/homogenous copy of the west with its filthy degenerative morality its relativism and its neverending self-destructive battle between corporate globalism, the crazy left with its cultural marxism and the indigenous common man and woman all now labelled as racists, white supremacists if they do not accept being replaced by foreigners!

  18. I’m sorry but we cannot take them all just can’t do it I’ve got problems of the others and remember I’ve got this virus can’t continually it’s just ridiculous don’t want anymore you can’t help them and no more we are done what we can and that’s it leave it at that sorry

  19. Hurry up and close the door, should have never been opened, whats our government trying to do bring the whole of afghanistan to Britain, they cannot integrate and never intend to, their culture and the west’s can’t occupy the same space with one another

  20. what the hell is the point of the millitary being there they cant do anything as they are to busy leaving whats the point of sending them if they cant do anything as the goverments of the usa and uk are simply bending over and spreading there cheeks its a disgrace the armed forces being there as they have there hands tied behind there backs each goverment thats messed this up should stand down and put on trail for manslaughter as they let these people to die

  21. BBC/YOU LOOK SO STUPID..YOU LOST THE WAR,YOU LET THE PEOPLE DOWN ,YOU ARE TRAITORS…NOT THE TALIBAN..leverage??zero…you killed millions of their people..have you no shame ??

  22. BBC air reporters in kashmir..Always reporting against india..And promoting jihadis and terrorists.Shame on u BBC….

  23. A bomb that kills 170 people is no amateur effort, it suggests state sponsored support with know-how and materials. But who?

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