Kabul airport bomb attacks cause many casualties – BBC News


At least two explosions have been reported near the Abbey Gate, being used for evacuations at Kabul airport. One blast was near the Baron Hotel, being used as a staging post by Western nations for evacuations.
A Pentagon spokesman confirmed there had been a “number of US and civilian casualties” in the attack.

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Date: September 20, 2021

38 thoughts on “Kabul airport bomb attacks cause many casualties – BBC News

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  2. When ever any sort of bombing takes place it is always announced

    Sad previously in other countries when a planned bombing is going to take place it is announced as well

  3. 🇸🇦La ilaha illallahu muhammadur rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam. 🌹
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  4. Pls. Pray the rosary to free all countries from war, hunger, diseases, climate change, calamities, drugs, prostitution, abortion, divorce, corruption, vices, violence and all evil.pls pray for peace and joy in all families and home….,

  5. Every citizen shud b fully equipped with guns n amo. U have thousands of ppl in fear of a few ppl. But then again the thousands aint callous n evil like the few.

  6. That was such a mean, petty thing to do. The people were already trapped and not going anywhere, killing them was just petty.

  7. This is what happens when the US puts the State Dept in charge of military operations. My mother was career US State Dept posted abroad post WWII 1950s and 60s so I am hardly anti State dept…the one of the past my mother served in!

    During the Obama admin State was transformed into wokeness. Foreign nationals were given precedence to citizens in consular services, US visas and even passports were handed out like candy. I live abroad and nationals from this country were in foreign nationals lines whenever we deplaned in the USA…during and post Obama those lines from our flights shrank and all those passengers were then in our line for US passport holders.

    State dept employees should NEVER have been put in charge of this evacuation plan…that was stupid. They have zero training in mass evacuation. The military was told to stand down, abandon overnight Bagrahm and get out of coun try post haste along with embassy staff…then State was put in charge which is why this operation is so bungled.

    That decision was made at the top and the top is completely responsible for this mess and the worse mess to come…rank and file military would NEVER have bungled this operation had they been in charge..top military command is now all about wokeness policy and not much else. Milley is a mere czar of wokeness…hand picked to transform the military into a weak ineffectual remnant of what it was. All this to serve the ONLY goal,of the Democratic Party…to add immigrants to the voting rolls in the USA so the Dems will never be out of.power again. This mess plus the open southern US border insure that.

  8. This wasnt't the Taliban, but a even more radical group (ISK) trying to make headlines and get the attention of the Taliban. I don't expect the Taliban to co-govern with these factions. Expect the Taliban to crush them shortly. This is a civil domestic issue affecting the international community. Sorry for those lost.

  9. 2019 Amazon forest deforestation reach new highs. September 2019 Hong Kong anti extradition bill withdrawal. January 2020 UK leaves EU and Iran General killed by US strike in Iraq. April 2020 Iran launches military satellite and SpaceX launched 80 broadband satellites June 2020 US withdraws patriot missile batteries…

  10. Western services warned? No they schemed this whole thing just to print a negative impact of Taliban on the world and prove through incidents like this that they are not capable of governing their country when in truth it is the US that is behind this as a sign of retribution for losing.Ironic as they thought they would 20 years ago and now they running with their tail between their legs.

  11. arent those media who used to park about kate soooo much to break her sperite and befor that Diana they didnt left anyone in peace I guess :))


  13. ISIS out of nowhere ? Is ISIS not over killed by the Western terrorist ?
    Some government douse not want regional Stability and peaceful developments maybe it conflicts with their Capital interest and Influence .

    Whenever there's a warning , voicing threats out of a blue bad thing's happens as predicted .
    Same with 9/11
    How it was predicted and warned what terrorist can do if
    Hijacking plane's and smashing into tall skyscraper buildings .
    Surely some old imperial government is behind all terrorist organization.

  14. mabe foreign countries should learn to mind their own business and stay pout of countries of which business in none of theirs, too bad too sad

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