Kamala Harris makes history as first black woman Vice President – BBC News


As Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris has made history. She will be the first woman, the first black person and the first Asian-American to serve in the office.

There have jubilant scenes in cities across the United States as supporters celebrate the victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Some Trump supporters have also been on the streets, urging him to continue his legal battle to overturn the result.

Tina Daheley presents BBC news reporting by Nomia Iqbal on Kamala Harris – from Clive Myrie in Pennsylvania, the battleground state that carried the Democrats over the winning line – and from North America editor Jon Sopel in Washington.

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Date: October 1, 2021

32 thoughts on “Kamala Harris makes history as first black woman Vice President – BBC News

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  5. Why they call her black she's not black she's not Afro American
    she's south Asian with a suntan probably white people would never have

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  7. How many people are going to flood the USA with open borders? Support the American people and bring them together. He wont even support his own people. Spending millions of dollars putting up illegals in hotels. While letting Americans sleep in their cars tents and cardboard boxes. Yeah a true president of the USA everybody ahead of the people who pay their taxes.

  8. All the videos from White House Channel in YT, in the Biden government, has much more dislikes than likes. And the number of dislikes would be even greater if YT didn´t do the magic of lowering the numbers.

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