Kashmir पर India के ख़िलाफ़ American Congress में क्या हुआ? (BBC Hindi)


अमरीकी कांग्रेस में हुई एक लंबी सुनवाई में अमरीकी नेताओं ने कश्मीर को लेकर भारत के रुख की आलोचना की है. अमरीकी कांग्रेस में मंगलवार को दक्षिण एशिया क्षेत्र के मानवाधिकारों पर हुई चर्चा के दौरान कश्मीर का मुद्दा ही हावी रहा. भारत ने इस पर अपनी नाराज़गी जताई है.
रिपोर्ट: दिलनवाज़ पाशा

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Date: November 10, 2019

31 thoughts on “Kashmir पर India के ख़िलाफ़ American Congress में क्या हुआ? (BBC Hindi)

  1. बेवकूफी मतकरो ए डिजिटल दनिया है। सारे के सारे दनिया देखरहा। सुन रहे।

  2. Human rights of people of UT of J&K is totally protected. We are concerned about human rights violations cases in Pak occupied Baluchistan, Sind & PoJK. We are also concerned about human rights violations in Tiananmen Square.

  3. अमरीका के हथियार बिकना चाहिए बस बाकी कोई मतलब नही उसे दुनिया है।
    ओर पाकिस्तान का भोंपू फट गया है।

  4. That's because there are certain peoples who don't like peace in the valley dearos so to maintain peace and stability and enable new rule and regulations for development and wisdom of the valley these radicals and non peace lovers and rocks in road should have to made silent for a while well I am 101% sure there are safe and treated well in the captivity for a while well they will be released soon when everything is set and final

  5. You are fighting a serious proxy war since last 30 years.what has un done to finish terror accept justifying terrorism when it suites them .take my word this terror is going to engulf whole of the world for double standards . Un rules were created much before terrorist were procured ,nourished ,financed trained and pushed into India on a gentle public
    The perpetuators of the genocide has unfortunately been punished by God . They have been spoon fed and nourished at the cost of whole population of kashmir to prop up themselves and their families beyond comprehension
    The problem taken to un was for clearance of state of marauders what India got was orders to hand over the whole . This exercise should have been stated then by pak withdrawing there troops .The never did it and raised the boggy now when demography has changed and they can do it because of nuclear black mail
    I wish India could agree to giving kashmir valley to them but close negotiation for Indus water for all the future too come

  6. When will American congress discuss the breach of human rights of non-Muslims in Islamic countries of Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Palestine, Nigeria, Somalia, Mali, Malaysia etc? Or the breach of human rights in China (re:Uyghurs)?

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