Kashmir: Indian Army accused of torture – BBC News


A BBC investigation has uncovered allegations of brutal beatings and torture by soldiers in Indian-administered Kashmir.

The Indian government withdrew the region’s semi-autonomous status in early August. There’s since been a clampdown on dissent and thousands of arrests, and it’s being seen by some as a drive by the Hindu nationalist government for more control over India’s only Muslim majority state. The Indian Army has described the allegations as baseless.

BBC News at Ten’s Sameer Hashmi has been inside Kashmir and sent this report, which some people may find distressing.

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Date: October 20, 2019

44 thoughts on “Kashmir: Indian Army accused of torture – BBC News

  1. Sammer Hashmi Musalman hai woh Pakistan ki taraf hi jayega.Think about Kashmir pandits.they are ruled out of Kashmir from these Pakistani musalmans.and one more we're not getting any effect of such fake broadcast company which is in the country which was behind torture and death of millions of people throughout the world.

  2. They tortured us for 300 year's and devided pak and India
    Now pak is supporting them
    Then soon again pak will be ruled by British don't worry
    Now this British can't even touch india

  3. And Turks Americans and Brits murdered millions of innocents in Syria in cold blood.
    And Indian army is being accused to bring down the violent extremists and stone pelters.

  4. India is doing totally wrong in Kashmir. Killing people and depriving them of food and basic amenities is killing humanity. The world closed its eyes for its benefit. It's time to do something for Kashmiris.

  5. India thinks they can crush Kashmiri people by force. Its been 70+ years they still were not able to do it. They only show how brave they are on the weak and defenseless youth of Kashmir. They should show their bravery against Pakistan. Their "mighty air force" got humiliated by Pakistan. Two jets one mig 21 and one su 30 mki were shot down by JF-17 thunder of Pakistan Air Force. Mig 21 bison wreckage fell in Pakistan along with its pilot and su 30 fell in IOK. People of Kashmir were shouting PAKISTAN ZINDABAD on wreckage of su 30 mki in IOK. Video is available on YouTube. Its proof of love of Kahmiri people for Pakistan. India can kill kahmiris but it will never be able to conquer their hearts. Kashmiri brother and sisters Pakistan stands with you always. You are in our hearts. ❤️

  6. I can't hold my laughter when Britishers say about things like Torture.also tell the whole world who planned the seed of partition before leaving the nation after 250 years of looting, oppression . and killings.

  7. Now, second phase of Mission Kashmir started. We will take back rest part of Kashmir in POK. Baloochistan, Sindh, and Pakhtoonwa will be soon free from the evil claws of Fuckistan. Just wait and watch till 2020.

  8. There is no better proof of freedom in India than a Pakistani reporter being able to roam freely and create fake news during a so called lockdown…
    Kashmir always had people who would harm themselves for money for people who want sympethatic propaganda…self harm is normal for them…just watch moharram videos…
    BBC has already been filled with islamists..many of the staff are muslims..especially the produces….recently they didn't even allow sikhs to talk about their gurus during his birthday..
    You don't know shit if you have not seen the so called people protesting for Kashmir…search for some video with subtitles…
    They don't need freedom..they need khalifa…just like ISIS.
    They drove non Muslims from their home…not the terrorists..the neighbors living with them..
    We Indians don't care about your propaganda…but are happily waiting for the day you start crying when same shit happens in UK..it has already started in Rotterdam…London is next..
    How sweet revenge would be

  9. Hey hypocrite BBC
    Have you ever seen stone pelters in Kashmir and how patiently indian army handle them.
    Have you BBC intellectuals ever raised their voices for kashmiri Hindus , who are the real natives of Kashmir. they are forcefully migrated 30 yr ago from Kashmir valley. They are also humans.
    If indian government is trying to restore them so what's the problem in this

  10. BBC is nothing but the just a channel which is misleading world against India , they even don't know about how Indian army operating in Kashmir and what problems they are facing …
    I support Indian army ……

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