Kate Gosselin Loses in Court & May Never Film Again


Kate Gosselin lost in court related to a case filed by her ex-husband Jon Gosselin. The star of Kate Plus Eight filmed a special for TLC without proper permits. Find out what this means for the show

Daily Mail shared the news in an exclusive – read it here:https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7805741/Kate-Gosselin-contempt-filming-underage-kids-WITHOUT-work-permits.html


Date: October 14, 2020

30 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin Loses in Court & May Never Film Again

  1. I agree they should have stopped filming once the 2 twins went into high school they diserve privacy ! I would never watch a show about Kate dating she’s nothing but a terrible mother. I want the kids to have a private life they diserve it they never asked to be filmed let them have somewhat of a child hood maddy and Kara didn’t so joe collage is their time and let them enjoy being young woman in collage doing sports making friends I pray for All of the children and that they can air the show anymore

  2. I bet the 2 kids life is so diff being with John bec they won’t Controlled they can just enjoy there youth for the first time I’m glad Colin has Hannah now I pray the other twins get close to the other siblings so they can all be happy! I hope she goes to jail

  3. Katie is plan evil it just pours out of her the kids will write a book and it will all come out. But then she'll go a show to get a face left or a makeover

  4. Am so glad he went after her for that. I would not want my kids on T.v. or filmed either. The kids desver to have a normal life with out the crew in their faces. And they have the right to privacy to. Go Jon

  5. Kate uses her kids like cash cows. You can tell that she’s controlling and everything that she does with the kids on TV is choreographed and the kids are not having fun. It’s just time that TLC just puts the needs of the kids first and quit letting Kate put ideas in their heads. Plus it’s been so many years now, I was a huge fan of the show but hated the way she treated John. And it was an ugly divorce and her attitude just got worse. The ratings can’t be so great on her shows to pay what she demands. She’s old news-but yes I do believe she would break the court order and film the kids again without John’s approval or notifying the court. But if she does and goes to jail then that would be perfect timing for John to get custody of the rest of the children. She’s already in contempt of court by not paying court ordered costs in the amount of $25,000+. That’s probably the amount of her personal upkeep and maintenance of herself each month. She’s greedy and cruel. Look at what she did to Colin and Hannah. Those other kids must be miserable and the twins at college must be so happy to be out of their mother’s house.

  6. She's a narcassist, she wants control. She'll scheme or do what ahll she wants. They are never to blame. I hope the kids can be free.

  7. Being trapped in a mental institution when you are sane is surely everyone worst nightmare? What mother would do that to their own child? X

  8. Crazy how it took for the children to slowly become adults for the truth to come out about her narc personality.

  9. I just love watching how absolutely adorable your dogs are & clearly happy, loved & well cared for they are! The 1 sleeping on the couch looks so comfy! Lucky pups

  10. The communist state of Minnesota. Wonder if y’all gonna vote in the radicals again. Then you’re gonna want help from us red states that don’t allow the crazies to run things. Wake up.

    The rest of the country is tired of the insanity. Vote people and vote GOP because the left has proved your rights don’t matter.

  11. I dont want to see Kate if she has her own show and her kids should not be video taped as well so they can have their own privacy and anonymity. Privacy and anonymity is what helps people to keep their sanity intact.

  12. TLC is responsible to make sure they have permits!. As a casting director they get fined. They are Union then Union also will fine them and could cancel their membership. Has to do with city and state laws.

  13. Why is he so bitter smh she's not mad he's the one that cheated on her. And she needs money for her kids. He can't help her with his DJ tips .

  14. She exploited her children and her marriage for fame and money. I believe she's a disciple of the devil. She's ugly, mean, hateful, manipulative and narcissistic. Her best interest at heart is, was and will always be, her own. Sad….

  15. Some how I believe Kate must be falling apart knowing that she now need to give Jon the right to be his kids dad and with that said I find Kate will not be much after the kids all leave and she will have to look at all she’d done to these beautiful children

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