Kate vs Meghan: The battle of the royals! | Palace Confidential


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Kate vs Meghan: The battle of the fashion royals! Plus all the latest gossip and news in a brand new Palace Confidential

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Date: October 7, 2021

33 thoughts on “Kate vs Meghan: The battle of the royals! | Palace Confidential

  1. My comment is directed more at Tessa….I disagree that Catherine has just uppped her game. Speaking from experience as a mother of four. My own observation is that Catherine after years of child bearing and being needed mainly for child rearing….has now started feeling more like a woman not just mummy. With her child bearing years put voluntarily behind her she can concentrate
    on being not only a wife, mother and consort. It’s a natural evolution of maturity, wisdom and lessons learned that she can now take the stage and be a gracious
    woman and show the world who she truly is.

  2. There is no battle. What are you talking about?
    Duchess Catherine enjoys her life, family keep living on.
    Well m is spreading lies as it makes her feeling important. m keeps on being jelaous, nasty. No comparison from any point of view.

  3. Kate is who she is regardless. There is nothing to prove and no one to compete with. Kate just happens to be perfect in every way but she is who she is regardless, nothing to prove and no one to compete with she is the Queen in waiting

  4. She was first going out with someone else at St Andrews. Not usually the way you attract someone you're stalking. Stop saying she followed him there.

  5. I think she volunteered to hold the tarantula because Charlotte likes spiders and she can tell her afterwards.

  6. Can't let the truth get in the way, can we Tessa? Obviously a MM fan. Catherine had a boy friend at St Andrews before she met William, btw.

  7. No royal battle,. If there ever was a battle Catherine won it the day Harry and Erk his cable wife git engaged and did the interview on the sofa. So crass and tasteless for Harry,. I'm sure he should of realised that Erk wasn't what she was purporting to be.

  8. Catherine does not need to 'stake her claim'! She has grown jnto her role and perfectly compliments PW. Tessa's analysis borders on the ludicrous!

  9. Tessa is going to work herself into an early grave of jealousy and sourness much like Harry’s wife. Get her off.

  10. Catherine doesn't need to compete, her beauty confidence and caring nature shines through. The RFs itinerary is organised well in advance.

  11. Cate is so versatile and beautiful. Her beauty is because she’s so natural. She was stunning in that dress and doesn’t need to compete with any other woman. She’s just an amazing woman who has adapted to a life that she was never born into. Well done 👍 Catherine.

  12. What are we in 3rd grade. Stop comparing the 2! Both are beautiful women in their own right.Both are known for their charity work, Meghan was doing it before she met Harry. I may not agree with everything she says or does,but she is not the evil person the press is trying to make her.

  13. The Duchess of Cambridge doesn't have to lower herself to the appalling level of a little malignant narcissist .

  14. Very silly title, Kate doesn't need to go against that other woman, that other woman is pure evil. Take that Dr. Tessa of she is a danger who seems too be bullying the public into believing her opinion is the right

  15. Catherine actually has her clothes tailored to fit unlike her merching sister in law. Calendars are set out well in advance. She didn't look to Megan for fashion tips. Know what looks good on you and wear it.

  16. Why always this vs. that.. why is there always the need of comparison .. both are incredible women and have a different future and a different role. Can we no appreciate both of them? If you like one you don’t need to hate the other one .. please stop …

  17. Catherine's game IS up and HAS BEEN up for years. She is magnificent… And the comparison with the Despicable Duo from across the pond does not hold. Completely different league.

  18. Oh God Tessa…. This was the most useless commentary… Why does the Palace Confidential team keep calling her back? She's talks nonsense…

  19. Love the Cambridge’s – Sussex’s have to go. They are a stain on England. Harry and the wifey can survive on their own money by their own lies

  20. Tessa loves the sound of her own voice whatever inaccurate bile spills out. Trying to imply intrigue where there is none and playing to the gallery….. the public don’t need to be persuaded by her commentary- we can judge for ourselves exactly what’s going on. Kate tried with the wannabe princess and hopefully she won’t give that viper another chance. The Megaliars have demonstrated what they stand for and no ones buying from the bullshit stall anytime soon!

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