(Kdrama Review) The World of the Married – BETTER THAN SKY CASTLE?


Danny reviews The World of the Married – the hottest K Drama in Korea is also the best revenge drama ever. It even beat Sky Castle in the ratings.

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Date: May 28, 2020

27 thoughts on “(Kdrama Review) The World of the Married – BETTER THAN SKY CASTLE?

  1. I get that everyone is saying that the son is annoying but honestly I completely understand him as I acted almost the same when my parents divorced. It’s all good now and I’m happy thay my parents feel better after the divorce but It was very difficult for me.

  2. First 4 episodes were amazing! From that point on was way to over the top and super dramatic xD i kept watching and the actors are top class but damn xD the level of the drama here its insane. but i admit is like those trash TV shows sksks is so fucking crazy that you have to keep watching.

  3. I just binge watched this drama, based on your recommendation, & I am slap worn out! Awesome series!!! I was utterly devastated by the end & felt like bursting into tears. 😭 My chest still hurts from the struggle! Anyway, thank you so much for your lively review! Will watch for more recommendations! 👍

  4. Sky Castle drama's rating was the top one, first place but… it is so boring from the first episode, meaningless nothing, ridiculous fantasy…It's just old supposedly "historical" cliche plus modern world devices… so stupid….so I FORCED myself almost to the end of the 1st ep and ….no… I quit watching this absurd nonsense! Vs. The "World of Married" (not completed yet), when I watched it my heart fluttered, my heart pounded, my heart thrilled and throbbed at every scene. at every unexpected surprised twist of the plot of the drama that stands second after The Castle in the Sky which cannot even be close to the World of Married!!!! NOT A CHANCE!!! and… to give my heart and mind some rest and peace from this MEN'S WORLD OF WOMEN ABUSE I had to pause watching, had to go outside to breath… but was dragged back to resume by the heightening tension of the events.

  5. I never was attracted to the idea of marriage. After watching this drama I am even less. 😄 It's really an eye opener.

    PS:For me personally Sky Castle remains at the Top!

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