Keeping Animals Well Fed at the Bronx Zoo


Join the zoo’s animal commissary keepers on their night shift as they show how they manage and deliver thousands of pounds of food and feed needed for daily operation.

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Date: January 26, 2020

22 thoughts on “Keeping Animals Well Fed at the Bronx Zoo

  1. “If we wouldn’t eat it don’t feed it to the animals”
    Me: looks at meal worm and then my lizard
    Also me: sorry little buddy looks like you’re gonna be wormless

  2. "if you wouldn't feed it…don't feed it to the animals."

    ….but I would eat a chocolate bar….so feed the animals a chocolate bar…? May want to rephrase that lol.

  3. Those animals probably eat better than most people do. A lot of people eat so much junk and crap, diabetes is everywhere and obesity is getting rampant. It's funny how they say if you wouldn't eat it, when human diets are often so poor.

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