Kendrick Lamar Calls Out White Fan For Rapping N-Word On Stage


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During Kendrick Lamar’s set at the Hangout Music Festival, things took an awkward turn when K. Dot invited a fan on stage to perform “m.A.A.d. city.” The fan, a white woman by the name of Delaney, was greeted with cheers from the audience prior to beginning her performance. But when she rapped along to “m.A.A.d. city,” Delaney opted to not censor herself and said each instance of the n-word despite groans from the crowd.

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Date: October 28, 2019

33 thoughts on “Kendrick Lamar Calls Out White Fan For Rapping N-Word On Stage

  1. I think the N word should just be banned altogether!!! It was originally used for degrading and it takes away dignity!!! And yet it’s used as a joke between African Americans people. It’s such a shame for a group of people to allow this word to even still exist. I say get rid of it.

  2. I'm black. Although I'm not a part of any American Culture and I can honestly say you guys have one of the most, if not, the most ridiculous rules in terms of race cultures in the world. If you have word that only African-Americans allowed to say, why not develop a word that only European/Caucasian-Americans allowed to say? Also, this crowd is hopeless in so many level. I respect Kendrick Lamar only as a fellow human being. I can't say the same as a rapper, since it's pretty silly how you need to put a word like that and then have someone come up on stage, sings it, then only to have the crowd called out to her. Almost as if you're doing it on purpose. I wonder if that word has certain magical properties in it that people take it so seriously when Caucasians say it…

  3. God awful music and a man on some sort of power trip, at the end of the day rap had its heyday back in the 90s and even then it wasn't even that good. I don't know why we give such talentless people so much popularity

  4. If kendrick didnt want a white girl singing along to his songs including whatever offensive words He chooses to add Into the lyrics, then maybe he shouldn't of added the damn N word into the song to begin with. Calling her out for singing the lyrics correctly in front of a huge crowd because she is of different heritage and ethnics was EXTREMLY RACIST on his part!!!!!!

  5. As someone outside of the us, your obsession with the 'n-word' is absolute insanity to me. Yeah, it used to be used a certain way but you've rebranded it and now only black people are allowed to use it? Even context doesn't matter? Good job seggragating yourselves, will really help you lot in the long run…
    Anyway, as I said I don't live there but the insanity and sillyness of the shit that's going on in the US will make for a good laugh. Only sad part is that it will likely influence things over here…

  6. She should have used the hard R once he told her to bleep it.. Bet Kendrick would have slapped her and she'd be getting paid right now.
    Instead she just getting laughed at cuz Kendrick's a stupid prick.
    How the fuck you gonna hand a white chic the mic and ask her to sing MADD CITY but censor her own damn self from the lyrics he wrote.

    Make me wanna slap my momma.

  7. Wtf this is so messed up to the girl. Like shes singing the lyrics she has no experience with a crowd its not like shes got a media consultant and knew she couldnt. She probably thought it was fine cause of the vibe and kendrick even picking her to rap the lyrics….idk messed up to me

  8. Since when is it okay for people of color to say "nigga" and it's not considered racist?
    Okay but now, why do many people of color say it with so much pride? It's stupid, people got called by that same name back then and people got killed from all the racism during the Civil Rights movement. Now they want the word to only be kept within the black community, wtf is this bs! 😂 but whatever, those that think other people cant say "nigga" besides them, keep your blood filled word then…..🤦‍♂️

  9. The audience is so fucking hypocritical. Kendrick wasn’t even an asshole about it, but the second he stops everyone is fucking booing, pretending like they weren’t saying the n word just two seconds ago🙄
    Still, kinda dumb to ask someone on stage when they can’t sing the lyrics. Especially considering maad city has the n word a bunch of times and it’s literally the world that rhymes in the hook

  10. okay hold up how can people in the comments blame kendrick? a white girl says the n word and suddenly it’s his fault for how it’s written ? it’s just pure facts that she should know better and when given a second chance should have obviously realized her mistake for especially how clearly she said it the first time.

  11. Fuck kendrick lamar! he may be a great rapper, but an awful human being. i am very sorry for the poor girl, must have felt so bad for her. if you have a Problem with a white fan singing/raping your lyrics, dont call her up on stage!

  12. She remembered all the lyrics to his songs and went to kendrick’s concert cause shes a fan of him and she gets to perform with his favorite rapper but she gets booed like that?Then the memory might be remaining as a trauma to her.If i were her this moment would strike everytime i hear his voice from my playlist

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