Kim Kardashian West Forced to Evacuate Home Amid Wildfire | E! News


The “KUWTK” star had one hour to pack up and evacuate her home due to a raging wildfire after landing from a trip. Sisters Kourtney and Khloe also left their homes. Watch!

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Kim Kardashian West Forced to Evacuate Home Amid Wildfire | E! News


Date: October 14, 2020

25 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian West Forced to Evacuate Home Amid Wildfire | E! News

  1. I'm so darn pissed off I hope this a wake-up call stop supporting these people they are not going to help you you invest in stuff that is worthwhile not to give away your money

  2. I wanna see if these kardashian going to give back to the community u stupid fools continue to make these people rich while they hire private planes and move out while you really homeless as f*ck

  3. is doesn't matter that people is rich or not WE ARE HUMANS and the most important thing is live people can't handle other people a successful.

  4. Too bad the fire didnt do us a favor and get kim kardasian and lady gaga…world would be a better place….burn witches burn

  5. I Can’t Even. This Lady Has Enough Money For SEVERAL Houses. There Are People Losing EVERYTHING And They Will Have To Rebuild. I Hope She Atleasts Donates Towards People Who Lose Everything In This Disaster

  6. Can anyone explain to me why the sixth biggest economic in the world has the same problem happening year after year? For a state that exports technology how come they don’t come up with a solution?
    I just don’t get it.

  7. She is rich so I will keep my sympathy for the poor people who don’t have means and money to recover from the possible damages

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