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In 1992, Los Angeles exploded in riots—the worst civil unrest in U.S. history—when the four white police officers who beat black motorist Rodney King were acquitted.
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LA 92 – Official Film Trailer | National Geographic

National Geographic


Date: July 15, 2020

40 thoughts on “LA 92 – Official Film Trailer | National Geographic

  1. I wonder why people in other countries want to go and live in this brutal country called America ! America is the hooligan of the world where people in authority are criminals and liars. Not only blacks , but also Native Americans are tortured and killed by whites on daily basis. Shame on America !

  2. How often, what could be a Positive move for positive change, always results in this push of Violence. Our community leaders have experienced this and community forget the Greatest examples for Human Right's and Liberty.
    Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther king….ext.
    It was shown to all Us, to March to Washington d.c. to deliver a Voice, like he did. Why hasn't the Civil Community leadership who are the part of this Nation on platforms. Why not use this Excellent example for Demonstration.

  3. I just watched the documentary on Natgea channel Latinoamerica… I'm speechless.. I'm crying right Now because of all the pain… I really hope this matter about George Floyd gets stopped… Humanity needs to learn of the past… OMG… Humanity is so mean 😭😭😭

  4. Worst part is our society has not learned anything from the riots. Going back from Watts riots, Detroit riots, Newark riots, etc. etc. Only thing that changes is the name of the city.

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