Labour demands new lockdown as scientists warn of “catastrophic” epidemic – BBC News


The Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said the government’s measures to tackle coronavirus are not working. He’s called for a short lockdown throughout England – or “circuit breaker” – as death rates rise sharply to the highest number since June.

Sir Keir said the measures imposed by Boris Johnson did not go far enough and the government was failing to listen to its own scientific advice.

Official documents reveal that scientific advisers called for a short lockdown some three weeks ago but their advice was rejected by ministers.

Documents released from a meeting of SAGE — the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies — said an immediate “circuit breaker”‘ was the best way to control cases — and slow the spread of the virus. They warned of a “catastrophic” situation with up to 3,000 deaths a day unless further measures were adopted.

Labour have mainly backed the government’s strategy up to now and their call for a new lockdown marks a significant change in that policy.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by deputy political editor Vicki Young and medical editor Fergus Walsh.

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Date: October 14, 2020

44 thoughts on “Labour demands new lockdown as scientists warn of “catastrophic” epidemic – BBC News

  1. It is time to open up everything and let the virus go where it may but facemasks must be worn by everybody outside the home .

  2. No more lockdown anywhere in the world please. People with assured income like govt. employees and pensioners and the like would very conveniently favour lockdown. Because they don't lose anything, they can continue with their kingsly lifestyle without any trouble. Different governments worldwide have educated all the people how to follow the safety rules as precaution but do we really see how many of the society really abide by the rules? Authority should be strict. Time for appeal to follow instructions is over

  3. You can see Boris Johnson needs Covid 19 to get rid of as many of the idiots as possible putting traffic lights and cycle lanes on our roads. This will save lives keep us safe and protect the environment

  4. Keir Starmer is absolutely right. The problem started when Boris Johnson didn't attack the virus immediately in order to snuff it out from the get-go. I would know, I am based in Hong Kong and that is exactly what was done here. From zero people wearing masks to 100% wearing masks pretty much overnight. And by that I do mean every single person started wearing masks from as early as February. We had a lockdown. The people didn't complain about anything, but rather just realized what had to be done and simply complied. Today, COVID-19 is well under control. I think we had 8 cases yesterday. Singapore is also under control after they had an outbreak in the foreign labour boarding houses. South Korea is under control. The only way to fight this virus is to adopt extreme measures in the most speedily fashion right from the start. The earlier you do that the sooner you can snuff it out and reopen. Whereas if you adopt a bit by bit and wait and see approach, not only you will never see the end of it and it will just get worse. The way I look at the UK now, they are bordering the Americans. People don't want to comply, they play cricket on the streets after the pub closes. Folks, I got news for you, this ain't fun and games. Sure, I get it the economy is crashing as we speak, but that is the price you need to pay for not taking more drastic measures earlier. There is just no way out other than to bite your lip and follow the strictest measures for a period of time and hopefully you will be able to reopen sooner rather than later.

  5. So its a 3 tier rule of 6 ,hands ,face,space, stay alert, save the nhs,control the virus 2 week circuit breaking lockdown with a 10pm curfew??? Genius in charge.

  6. Labour Govs around the world are all going crazy! What a coincidence. In Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, a labour run state we have been in harsh lockdown with curfew and heaps of other mad measures for more than 3.5 months! One day they will answer for this.

  7. We now live at the confluence of Jewish Bolshevism and Jewish Cultural Marxism.
    This has been their end game for European people’s homelands for 200-years.

  8. Shield and support the vulnerable, respect their right to walk free if they choose with or without a mask, and just get on with life!

  9. Read my lips-IT-WILL-NOT-WORK so badly handled from day one and it is now too late,remove the rose tinted glasses.

  10. "Those willing to surrender their Freedom, for a little Security, Deserve neither, and will lose both". Benjamin franklin.


  12. can't blame higher mortality and poverty on coronaviruses! That is all fiscal despotism for the past three hundred years!

  13. Keep following socal disting whats got us out of lockdown we can do it again if we following rules and sticking together in north east england

  14. you are not a public broadcaster, you are a state sponsored terrorists regime, disseminating half truths or out right lies from a building that openly permits the distortion of facts! Leading journalists and opinion writers to further disseminate unlawful rhetoric!

    I recall the former speaker of the house barring an mp from debates for calling the former former pm a liar. So much for getting to say what you want? I guess only in the case of front benchers often in the opposition seats or if it supports a false narrative by well funded media pundits.

    Someone in the media want to explain what exactly is the difference between social immunity from frankenstine (excluding higher mortality) infections and natural heard immunity?

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