Larry Elder Debunks Michelle Obama on White Flight and Racism | Larry Elder Show


With Michelle Obama recently railing on White Americans for “white flight” from her Chicago neighborhood as a kid, Larry explains his experience with the same phenomenon growing up in Los Angeles. However, he describes a very different experience with the issue of race relations, and it’s not as black and white as one would think.

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Date: December 13, 2019

33 thoughts on “Larry Elder Debunks Michelle Obama on White Flight and Racism | Larry Elder Show

  1. Racist Obama's… Man oh man that was a wretched 8 years with him in office. How the one and only black president in American history could set not only race relations but also party partisanship back so far is still beyond me.

  2. 1:00 Larry's experience growing up…
    2:23 remembered bullying example.
    4:18 athlete example.
    5:50 Jessie Jackson suit.
    6:30 Back to Michael Obama admitting her neighborhood is dangerous…
    7:30 SHE bussed out of her neighborhood to go to a better school (hypocrite)
    7:55 AOC makes the case too.
    9:15 interracial crime statistics.
    10:15 spike lee
    12:20 nobody has clean hands…
    12:52 no group has a monopoly on hate…

  3. According to her own book, Michelle Obama's father moved the family from a one bedroom / one bathroom apartment in a public housing project to a "nicer neighborhood". Apparently, in her mind when a black family moves to a "nicer neighborhood" it's laudable as striving to improve their life but when a white family moves to a "nicer neighborhood" it must be racism.

  4. If people are afraid there could be a reason, people protect their own. She always made her own reality, she is very arrogant. She hates Ben Carson just because he is really educated, not only a black person with a diploma like she is but an educated man who has proven this throughout the years. A man with class! Did AOC said that back then "teachers weren't paid"? LIsten to Spike, people are so wishi-washi, they agree with either side back and forth!!!

  5. My white grandmother (RIP) who adored my 1/2 black kids used to tell me stories about how black guys on the bus used to shoot rubber bands at her face and head while she rode the AC Transit bus in Oakland in the 60s and 70s. They'd bully and harass her and call her "whitey" while most of the (black) drivers would just stand by and ignore the behavior. Very few would stand up and either kick the guys off the bus or say anything at all. That didn't stop her from loving my kids and my x-husband's family and no, it didn't turn her against other blacks either. But the point is, racism comes from all sides. We can't use blanket statements to cover everyone. Why was it even necessary for Michelle to even mention "white flight"? As Mr. Elder points out above, she left a lot of relevant factors out of that scenario. What could have been her point? My guess is to stoke the flames of racism, to promote the liberal agenda at all costs, to degrade whites and attempt to conjure "white guilt"while she laughs all the way to the bank and enjoys the fruits of this country; the country she hates so much while basking in her elite lifestyle. I'm a white woman who works hard and will never have what she and her family have but I don't blame her or anyone else for it. I am where I am in life because of my choices. If you work hard and you earn it, then more power to you; you've achieved the American Dream. But don't complain about false narratives , blame others for your shortcomings and promote lies. She has been living with a silver spoon in her mouth for decades while many blacks and many whites struggle to pay rent and keep the lights on. Seriously, what has she really got to complain about. If I were her, I'd be praising and thanking God! Victimhood is very ugly, Michelle.

  6. Yeah and when stuff like that happens and schools like this guy saying.it's like five on one they never will do this by themselves nine out of 10 times when blacks mess with whites there's 4 or 5 of them

  7. She's a hypocrite ask her why she lives in an all-white neighborhood. Stupid bitch. I used to live in Detroit I'm a white guy even to Black's got the hell out it's not that white people are afraid you're afraid of the property values going down and that's what happens. because most neighborhoods when they get all black and their starts to be crime the property values drop

  8. I absolutely LOVE Larry Elder. I can remember the good old days we'd have Moral Court playing on the TV in my grandfathers gun store which just happened to be named Larry' Gun's (after said GPA). Keep up the great work

  9. Thank you A non Racist person sticks up for justice despite a persons color! Iam white and i would do the same if i saw a black person pick on. And i have.
    The real issue we all have to learn is there are people of all colors that are fine human beings. And there are people of all color who are not . And that is the fence we all need to decide which side we are sitting on.

  10. I doubt whites were running from her. They may have been running from what she and hubby represents and their moral values which if you look at Obama's presidential credibility/legacy, you will understand why whites ( maybe blacks too, now ) moved away ( not ran ) from her family. They somehow 'vibed' what she and family would eventually become.They saw through the Obamas and their fakeness and lies. Doing what they "were supposed to do and better." That's right shelly, you were and did everything better than others.

  11. The majority of Voting Americans are white. If we were so racist running from blacks and hating on them HOW DID BARAK GET VOTED IN.

    The fact better schools are in areas where majority white people live is because of income. People move where the jobs are. And thr higher paying jobs move into areas where larger groups of educated/highschool graduated amd college degree holding people live. The black drop out rate cant be blamed on whitey. Life gets tough. i grew up with a blind father. He never worked and couldn't. So i knew poverty and the kids in school were nice enough to point out i was poor. But yet i got a degree a ged but i got ir and i worked im factories with black folk and they worked hard. I was involved in my Workers union where i was last employed and we didn't see amy systemic racism against any of my black friends/coworkers. I palled around quite a few of them. One was my test partner on the aircraft we worked on. The few times i seen racism at work was from a latino toward a black man. i know not every area is the same im in western ny. But we dont have alot of the issues described. I have talked in depth with a very fewnclose black men one being my soninlaw about these issues and he says his grandmother said the world was a different place 60 years ago.

    What all of this boils down too in the end i feel is just base human emotion. People gonna hate others gonna be jealous. But that doesnt make it racist. Everyone needs to build up their communities.

    if any white or black community leaders read my words here do this for a exercise.

    INVITE WHITE FOLKS FROM. community you view and wealthy and predominately white to attend sunday church with you. Have a meal after talk get to know one another and the Same goes for some white folks. Set aside any biased either black on white or white on black amd i garuntee after a service and a meal both sides will feel different.

    My buddy says im correct on alot of this. we have white folks that have never had a good black friends and vice versa. We are not so different at the end of the day we all have the same worries paying bills feeding our kods and making a better liffe for our families!

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