Last Shelter Survival Kill Event GG Versus State 77


In this epic last shelter survival kill event Launch center battle. You have GG versus state 77.

GG what a monster man, never lost a single Launch center war!

Don’t forget to what my 100mil Kill event challenge video!


Date: August 3, 2020

24 thoughts on “Last Shelter Survival Kill Event GG Versus State 77

  1. In case yall are curious. We held their ac in 127 the whole fight. GG realizing he was going to lose had mother migrate during LC battle 30min before it was over. She migrated back to 127 with 43million power. If it hadnt been for that it was over.

  2. im in 77 , gg told himself that day used 26m diamond !! and funny thing is that he got second place in championship … power of money baby :)) … but i like him , he is a honest guy

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