Late Night Messiness | The Daily Mail & Meghan McCain


On Wednesday, the Daily mail, released this article regarding Meghan McCain on The View.

Kayla Brantley of DailyMail.Com , wrote the below article:


Videos Mentioned:

Candi Carter:


Brian Teta:


Hilary Etsy McLoughlin:

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Date: November 16, 2019

35 thoughts on “Late Night Messiness | The Daily Mail & Meghan McCain

  1. I haven't watched in about 2 weeks at this point. I just can't take any more Meghan. I haven't watched since the b***h name calling. I had enough when they came back insulting our intelligence saying all the ladies are great friends and have great relationships on/off air. Their real dynamic is on display before a live audience everyday and it's obvious there are issues and everyone has issues with Meghan. Everytime I think I may watch again there is something else. I even wrote ABC after that episode, something I never do. But enough!

  2. Can't believe Meghan tried to get a makeup artist fired over liking a tweet which portrayed her in an unfavorable light. Any compassion I have for this girl is out the window now. How delusional and entitled this person must be to try and mess with a hardworking person's livelihood 😡🤬

  3. We are not surprised….she was allowed to this behavior all her life by her father and her mother is probably afraid of her so she got away with it….havent you noticed she never mentions her siblings and hanging out with them or children.?

  4. 14:44–you nailed it. She would definitely do that.

    She’s so defiant. I truly wonder what her upbringing looked like? Because she was so privileged and never had to fight for anything, she’s got pent up rage and hostility she has to get out? Or is she trying to prove she can claw her way to the top even though she had the whole way plowed for her and was chauffeured to her throne as Princess of Arizona?

    She is fascinating like a train wreck—traumatic to see and leaves you wondering what caused it. I’ve had to look away. I can only take her through the K’Sherrell filter. And I am hoping I can continue to do so. But I have to admit, your Meghan impression is pretty good, and the pitch hurts my ears if you hit it just like her.

  5. You're nitration of the story was very funny had me dying laughing Meghan McCain is extremely unprofessional that language in front of the studio audience is disrespectful my view my opinion she should give a apology this is my second comment I screwed up the first one

  6. She also said she wants The View to go to Vegas “if it’s the last thing I do.” IDK if Ms. McCain will be back , but they have gotten rid of cohosts for far less. I’m afraid to think we will be stuck with her for
    a n o t h e r year.

  7. I really wonder what kind of non disclosures they have the audience sign… because I would have expected the audience members to spill the tea every time they go on a show….she is basically and a Female Donald trump…"do anything and get away with it"…ugh

  8. She works my nerves but I have a hard time believing she went off in an angry way like that towards the producers. Maybe it’s because it’s the daily mail but I need to see proof. Is the video out where she screwed up cause I had trouble finding it.

  9. When I was in the audience on Monday during the first break right before the show came back Brian gave her a legal note and we heard her say something like “why do..*incoherent” if there was a payment”? And he said something like “I don’t know just to appease them” and she shrugged and the people near us in the first 3 rows laughed and she looked a little embarrassed and shrugged because it was during a small quiet moment

  10. I wonder if her friend Ramin will put all this in his next book about the view….. Meghan think behaving like this is good…she feels men behave this same way and are not given a hard time about it. Her father was known for having a bad temper and a potty mouth….and we know the reverence she has for him…she can take any criticism at all…She sees it as a attack. Former cohost have said on Watch What Happens Live that she needs to relax (Sheri Sheppard) she caught an attitude with her…Rosie said that Meghan should treat Joy better and that she should respect for her because of her age…Meghan made the ridiculous statement that she treats everyone the same regardless of their age on the show…she is insufferable

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