Lauren Daigle Wins Both Her Nominations for 'You Say' & 'Look Up Child' | Grammys


Lauren Daigle took home wins for ‘You Say’ and ‘Look Up Child’ at the 2019 Grammy Awards and joins Billboard on the red carpet to talk all about it!

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Date: January 15, 2020

28 thoughts on “Lauren Daigle Wins Both Her Nominations for 'You Say' & 'Look Up Child' | Grammys

  1. As I'm reading the criticism about Lauren's comments or just in general… I'm thinking… "are these ppl for real? In and amongst all the trials and tribulations Christians go through are their own brothers and sisters are going to dis them?" Of course they will… They did it right through OTest and NTest… Stop grumbling and trust what God is doing through her music. If He wanted her to be a preacher she would've been a preacher but instead she is a music box powerhouse… Just enjoy it.

  2. She did not sell herself🤦🏾‍♀️ Gods grace is allowing her to show others how powerful and lovely God is…she has mentioned in many other interviews that she does this for God and wants to share His love with others through music…she doesn’t need to always bring Him up in every interview, God is shining through her through her voice and her body language.

  3. You all need to stop being so critical about her. You wouldn’t want God to do that to everything you guys do. It’s about your relationship with God — not about following every rule in the Bible and hating yourself for messing up. It’s about growing as a person in your relationship with God. Criticizing a fellow Christian on their faith is a work from the devil. Stop judging. God never judged. It’s funny when it reverses on you. I’m sure you would want it to be different.

  4. I think all those that judge any person need to just shut up and get the huge beams out of their eyes. Will they be in shock when a black Yeshua comes in the backdrop of white clouds. When YHVH receives all those that accepted Christ Jesus as Saviour..period..it is done! Legalism gone insanely wild! May God shut up your mouths of judgment. For the entire Earth is condemned to death already! We leave here redeemed from all things.

  5. I can't help but notice all the distractions all around her as she talks and possibly a forshadow of what can become of the person in this field. Let's just pray as she serves Jesus and is a light with her music and that she walks in His JOY continually and she doesn't end up sad and empty like were seeing of those in the background.

  6. She said she wants to be "CARE FREE & WILD". That's a sinner right there. She's a child of the DEVIL 😈.
    "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." Romans 6:23
    She may have won a couple awards, but her life is nothing but death.
    Repent Miss Daigle. Turn from your sins and live in Christ. Obey the One Who gave His life so that sinners, like you, can be set free and live righteously and holy.
    It's such a tragedy. Only baby Christians, lukewarm Christians, and fake Christians will defend this wickedness.
    You all watch, her next album will be "care free and wild". And if you, "Christians" are still following her, she will get you: hook, line, and sinker!
    Do you want Jesus or an idol???

  7. Christians: "Man, one day maybe we'll get representation in mainstream media that isn't negative"
    Lauren Daigle and Chris Pratt get mainstream spotlight
    Also Christians: "tHeY sOLd tHEir sOULs!!! RePEnT!!!"

  8. y’all are so quick to judge her (yes JUDGE her). she is spreading god’s love and creating a conversation. unbelievers don’t need someone who is going to forcefully shove god down their throat. they need someone who can show them the joyful life of being a christian and how gods light will shine through you. you can be a christian and don’t have to say “god” and “jesus” in every sentence. i say this but i mean absolutely no hate!! I thank god everyday for saving my soul and giving me refuge. I just want to give lauren the benefit. she is doing god’s work! she is spreading the gospel. I know more people have been brought to the word because of her music. this is the way that the gospel has to be spread in modern media: bit by bit. it’ll happen and the world will know His name. but these things take time. let’s not tear down those who do this good work. let’s encourage and lift them up!! god bless you all💕

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