Lauren Southern drops the hammer on Sky News – Sept 1, 2016


50 thoughts on “Lauren Southern drops the hammer on Sky News – Sept 1, 2016

  1. What's she's saying is disgusting. Glad she got shut down. In other European countries such as France or Belgium she would've been fined for saying such things on tv.

  2. Kay Burley is the human equivalent of slamming your hand in a car door then having the car drive off through a narrow cactus field while your trousers get caught in the wheel.

  3. For those not from the UK, Sky News is regarded as 'right wing'. That should give you a little perspective on the state of the mainstream media over here.

  4. wtf is this bitch talking about when she says there will be no more 'patriots' and why is she always standing with the American flag in photos. WTF does SHE know about patriotism. She isn't American. She is Canadian. She isn't even a patriot to her own country. That makes her an immigrant to America. SHE IS PART OF THE GROUP OF IMMIGRANTS THAT SHE IS TALKING ABOUT. She talks about how foreign immigrants diminish the "American Culture" and make patriots the "minority" when that is EXATLY what her dumbass Canadian ass is doing. She grew up with CANADIAN values and CANADIAN culture. Stop pretending to be American you bitch. You are the same as all the immigrants that you are talking about. I know other people who have immigrated to American from England, who are all white and english-speaking. Not all immigrants are "brown" colored and unable to speak English. Wtf is she talking about "putting bronzer on". What an ignorant cunt. Damn, she should know since she is NOT AMERICAN. Fucking dumb Canadian bitch with fake blond hair. WTF does SHE know about American culture. No wonder she went to some shitty University that has a 90% acceptance rate. All these dumb cunts are the same. None of them have IQs above 20

  5. Lots of comments about truth here. Truth would be speaking from the position , which lauren as no dummy is aware of, of reality that refugees fleeing war etc etc is not the same as those 'simply choosing to immigrate to a different country', i could elaborate….do i really need to?

  6. In all Western countries the establishment media does represent exactly the opposite of what the people think. That's why for example the Germans call their state-tv only "Lugenpresse" =lie-press and don't watch it anymore, although they still are forced to pay for them via a tv-license.

  7. Which part of what she said was offensive? The implication that Arabs have darker skin? Well, don't they? At first I thought maybe it was the fact that she called the refugees' boats "dingy," which means dull, but then I realized that she probably meant "dinghy," which is a type of boat. So that only leaves the Quran comment. Is the Sky News anchor saying that it's an insult to say that someone has a Quran? Because that seems very Islamophobic of her.

  8. The word you want, Lauren, for what you "young people" are facing with the massive increase in government bureaucracy due to the influx of immigrants (legal or illegal, makes no difference), the word you want is SLAVERY. You'll ENSLAVED to the government via confiscatory taxes to service the needs of non-Americans. You won't even be enslaved to the American underclass, as pathetic and retarded as it is. you'll be living the entirety of your pitiful and limited existence in order to care for the 8 children of Muslim families that come here with no job skills and no desire to work.

  9. I'm pretty sure Lauren doesn't hold these views as strongly as she states; instead she's doing a 'Milo' by being deliberately provocative to stir emotions and gain fame through notoriety.

  10. She's fucking right though, however bluntly stated. The only thing I'm kind of skeptical of is the wall. If you put up a wall and illegals go around it, it will only incentive them to bring their entire family because the process of circumventing the system became harder. It's almost like you can't win.

  11. You know you're winning when you get censored. Always. Censorship is the tool of authoritarians who are unable to defend their ideology in an open dialog and become aware of this.

  12. Farting against thunder, with the brit media, they are the greatest cause of the breakdown of our civilisation, and they have no idea about what they are doing, or they just pay lip service to it, which is even more despicable !! Boycott the media, find ways to communicate that sidelines these assholes !! Sick to death of this double speak, Orwell wrote his book as a warning not a guideline !!!

  13. SKY can suck a fucking fat one, Getting sick of my cuckolded Government and News outlets, we're being choked into an Orwellian society and I've had just about enough of it.

  14. Oh my god look at these indignant old farts clutching their pearls. I can't wait until they fucknig die off so people like God Empress Lauren Southern can take over.

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