Laxmi Agarwal (Chhappak) Biography, Lifestyle, Family, Story, Husband, House, Facts & Daughter


Laxmi Agarwal is one of the brave lady of India. Laxmi agarwal was born on 1 june 1990 and she is an acid attack survivor. This video is based on the biography, facts, family, and lifestyle of Laxmi Agarwal. She is also a TV host. There is a movie named “Chhappak” is released in January which is based on the life of Laxmi Agarwal. Laxmi Agarwal met a journalist and social activist named Alok Dixit and she married with her. Laxmi agarwal has one daughter who’s name is “Pihu”.

Laxmi Agarwal (Chhappak) Biography, Lifestyle, Family, Story, Husband, House, Facts & Daughter


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Date: February 22, 2020

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  1. मुसलमानों से कभी दोस्ती मत करो मुसलमान. कभी हिन्दू का दोस्त नहीं बन सकता मुसलमान एक धोकेबाज कौम है

  2. God!! you're providing wrong information!!!!
    Laxmi was 16 years old not 17 in 2005
    AND MOST IMPORTANTLY SHE NEVER MARRIED ALOK!!!! They thought that people would judge her for her looks when she dresses up as a bride that is why the mutually decided not to marry but stay in a live in relationship
    Thirdly, they separated in 2015 not 2017
    What research did you do before making a vedio?

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