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LeafyIsHere has been on a Downward Spiral

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Date: November 23, 2019

32 thoughts on “Leafy Was Here | YouTube Geographic

  1. Beeing a big youtuber is NOT beeing a captain of a big ship. You only perceive it so because it's your wet dream. To be a captain of a big ship you have to know every bolt of your vessel…the crew..the capabilities of your boat…..the environment you steer your vessel through….Leafy knew none of this because he was not much older then his target audience…you also know shit about these things and yet make parallels to a simple youtube channel whose audience was 13 years old, average, at the time. The smaller youtube channels seem to leech off of the bigger channels fails AND success. Pathetic.

  2. Leafy. Now that is a name I haven't heard in a long time. A long time. lol wherever he is I hope he's grown and learnt from the whole experience, you change a lot from 20-24. i'm sure glad I didn't have millions of people to witness the stupid shit I came out with and did with when I was 20, wouldn't mind making the money he did though lol

  3. Leafy was playing checkers.
    EDups was playing chess.
    YouTube was playing 3D chess.
    MrBlackDarkness was playing 4D chess with simply a pinkie.

    Also it was probably both content cop and the new YouTube policies that killed him off, the latter probably being a bigger culprit though.

  4. Ehh, Content Cop killed Jinx as well. The only channels that survived were the ones that managed to actually swing their content. Jinx, Leafy, and that howtoprank actually just kept going on and failed to address it at all. It wasn't JUST content cop, but Content Cop really buried these channels. Youtube didn't touch his channel… your evidence is, abit… it's not very sound at all. It's baseless conjecture with shit for evidence. If your evidence was real, then all those channels, especially Idubbz, would have likewise died off. MANY channels (pryocynical, etc) that were the same as Leafy/Keemstar/Idubbs, actually rose in this time. Massively.

    And no, I don't need to admit he has redeeming qualities. Leafy wasn't charismatic, he has the charisma of a fucking moldy towel… as for an effective speaker? Jesus, dude. You must hang around some real cro-magnons. I wouldn't call his channels death a tragedy. There are plenty of edgy people who've done MUCH better… like Felix, they learned to change with the times with a maturing audience. Again I'll say this.

    Fuck Leafy. He was a thief, a backstabbing shit, lied, and hit on underaged girls. He's basically Onision.

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