Leaked bodycam video shows new details of George Floyd's arrest


In partial footage obtained by the Daily Mail from the body cameras worn by two of the now-former Minneapolis police officers involved in the arrest of George Floyd, a panicked Floyd can be seen struggling with officers while in the back of a squad car in the minutes before his death, saying, “I can’t breathe.”
Moments later, following the struggle, Officer Thomas Lane can be heard asking Officer Derek Chauvin whether Floyd should be rolled on his side.
Floyd died May 25 while in custody, and the incident — which was also recorded on cell phone video — set off protests that soon went nationwide. The demonstrations over his killing and the deaths of other African Americans at the hands of police prompted intense discussions on racism in America.
The Daily Mail, based in London, does not say how it obtained the footage of the police body cameras.

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Date: October 14, 2020

20 thoughts on “Leaked bodycam video shows new details of George Floyd's arrest

  1. Proof he said he couldn't breath before the officer ever had him on the ground! He was guilty and he didn't wanna get in trouble. But resisting arrest is foolish.

  2. Trump could honestly just air the body cam footage, and it would work better than anything his PR department could put out.

  3. I have never liked so many comments on YOU TUBE all at once. Thank God the Media were not able to fool everyone.

  4. So to you, unresponsible and fake news Media..you should hold yourself responsible for the chaos and civil unrest we are having then and now because of how you handled the George Floyd story.. You have fanned a fire that costed the lives and livelihood of many innocent Americans because of your narrative.. You should all be ashamed of yourselves!!

  5. Now show the full hour long video instead of what fits your narrative. Stop creating racial issues in our country

    The idiot was a criminal on fentanyl and meth. He was clearly resisting arrest. He had a huge criminal record. He assaulted a woman in the past, served time in jail, and was arrested for circulating fake money. CNN doesn't tell you this. They narrate a fake story over the footage. Eventhough the police officer needs to be thrown into solitary confinement for the rest of his life, it's really disgusting our nation is nothing but sheep blindly being brain washed by our media. CNN turns him into a Saint
    He isn't a Saint. He is a criminal.

  7. CNN, you are completely fake news. This is so beyond what happened. You guys turned down the volume amd narrated the video in your own fake way. Fox released the same video except the didn't narrate it. It was all fresh. Watch the original. It tells a complete different story.
    YOU ARE FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!

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