Leaving The House For The First Time In 8 months | Vlog #997


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At last, we got out of the house after eight long months! Watch how we travelled to our destination, which will be our vacation home for the next days!

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Date: October 16, 2020

29 thoughts on “Leaving The House For The First Time In 8 months | Vlog #997

  1. Very happy for you and the gang Mikey. ❤️ This is going to be really exciting. I had missed seeing the Mabuhay bus too.

  2. awww seeing Raq and the gang again!! 🥰💗💗💗 stay safe you guys! You did great with that video – another complicated shot was that mirror wiping one! A+ to you and cameraman RJ!

  3. 😁 Leaving on the Mabuhay Bus, well be back soon Ligaya don't make a fuss. Xoxo
    Looking forward to seeing the farm and what storm Rj is gonna cook up 😍

  4. Well, your well on your way now as I'm seeing this video. Actually you've already been there for hours already. HAVE A GREAT TIME EVERYONE!!!!! I'll be watching to see what the resort is like so that next time I'm back in Mandaluyong to see my wife and family, I can hopefully organize a family getaway to the resort!!!!

    Mikey, gotta tell ya, with Cypher, keep him on leash please. The area you're going to is known to have reticulated pythons, I looked it up and the area has them seen frequently. They don't have as many Philippine Cobra sightings, but do get them there sometimes. Although I don't doubt Cyphers natural instincts, either a retic or cobra is nothing he will make noise about it he has a run in because he just won't have the time. He's totally not familiar with their scents and can easily walk right into a bad meet up, and I really don't wanna hear bad news.

    Mikey….when you said you could hug them………..you made me cry because I miss my wife Carine soooooooooooo much, who is in Mandaluyong. We've only seen each other on camera since I was there last September, over a year ago. Damn man, seriously got me tearing up Mikey……. All I have wanted to do since this whole covid thing started has been to come there and just be with her, instead I've stayed here in Toronto, financially supporting Carine and all of my family there in Mandaluyong as well as myself here in Toronto. Man I sooooooo much want to get on a plane to Aquino and knock on the door of our condo on Fabella and shout out, "Hun I'm hoooooome, safe and sound!!!!!", just to see the look on her face would be worth everything to me, and me being there would be everything for her.
    Sorry to be a downer, but the one thing that has been so hard about covid…..is not being with my wife and not being able to bring her to Toronto finally.

    I hope you have a great time at the resort, I'll be watching to see what it's like!!!!!!!!

    Keep Safe All,
    Peace, Happiness, Love and Laughter,

  5. So exciting to finally do something!
    So lucky that you have friends who support you on every adventure, big or small, that you go on 🚐🇵🇭🐕🦜🐕🐕🐕🐕

  6. YES!!! What a great way to start the day! It's so great to see ya'll back in the Mabuhay Bus! Seriously, your pure joy just emanates from the screen… I'm so very happy for ya'll! I can't wait to see the adventure unfold! Stay safe!

  7. You forgot, the positive affirmation and whiteboard Wednesday 😱😢 I wish you a great stay and can’t wait to see the place 🥰

  8. I’ve held back from looking online at this resort as I want to see it through your vlogs. Bet it feels good breathing in fresh country air!!!

    Btw, nice of you to share my comment. ❤️

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