Lebanon: Why is the country in crisis and what’s happening? – BBC Newsnight


As Lebanon grapples with a deepening economic crisis, fuel, medicine and food are becoming increasingly scarce. Why and what’s happening? Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog

The country is now in a state of collapse – fuel shortages, power cuts, bare shelves and a plummeting currency. It is a financial crisis with deep roots in a fundamentally flawed political system.

Last year saw the mass resignation of the entire cabinet after the explosion at a port that killed more than two hundred. It was later discovered a storage facility had been holding dangerous chemicals that no one had bothered to move.

The BBC’s Jean Mackenzie reports from and asks how the country can get back to its previous life – booming with optimism, tourism, and confidence.

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Date: September 13, 2021

50 thoughts on “Lebanon: Why is the country in crisis and what’s happening? – BBC Newsnight

  1. This will be State of the whole world soon if Panedemic isn't over and corruption doesn't stop now and stop fast/ Take care of your people leaders this is not good.

  2. One of the most beautiful country of the world in deep crisis because of corruption. We have the same problem in. South America. Corruption is EVERYWHERE and it has to end

  3. Where is the justice in this: a member of my family was trying to get a visa from Lebanon to the United States six months ago and the US Embassy said come back in six months. She just went back and was told by the US Embassy that they were not issuing Lebanese citizens visitor visa‘s until further notice. Check back later they said. Here we are welcoming thousands of immigrants through the Mexican border and from the runways of Afghanistan but we can’t even let a Lebanese citizen come legally and see their loved ones. President Biden talks about human rights but my question is where is Lebanon’s human rights?

  4. Hopefully they fix things and don’t run to Western countries. If they leave they need to go to Islamic countries.

  5. In the name of god get that hospital some medicine! There must be some wealthy Lebanese emigres in Australia where I am, or in the US, Canada or Europe who have connections, who can help!

  6. The disaster in Lebanon is criminal not incompetence. Lebanon have had it's funds and treasury shared between politicians and their masters I Syria and Iran. Basically 180 billion dollars have been sent to Syria and Iran since end of CW .

    Hizbullah and Amal are selling our Oil , Food and Medicine on Black market to finance Iran war machine. After the Port explosion , they tried blocking aids to victims and sent brokers to buy the damage properties.

    Lebanon is being subjected to a starvation policy by iranian puppet government and real power Hizbullah . They want to throw out all the " undesirables" and add Lebanon to Wilayat al Fakih . Bloodthirsty islamo-fascists .

  7. Lebanon, Yemen, Venezuela, Syria, Cuba all look the same; THE COMMON DENOMINATOR is “US INTERVENTION, EMBARGO and SANCTIONS”

  8. Everyone is corrupt there . All sit on thier asses waiting for aids from others , how sad , thier president literally falls asleep while standing

  9. Corruption eventually cut off a country's very roots. This has what happened to Lebanon. The world needs to speak and act ASAP.

  10. Hezbollah/Iran take care of the Shia, the Gulf states take care of the Arabs and the Christians can take care of themselves. Problem solved. Partition.

  11. This is all total control agenda, they are brothers for each other behind public scene, only they want fool to public, after they will try to tell them you are animals, after then they will treat public like animals, but remember there is a king, who is the king of kings, the king of nations over every little to big king, the earth belongs to him, don't forget you are just human,bcoz of technology you are not God,bcoz you have not created anything but you have created things by those things which are created by our creator, you are also creation,but Satan has speak in your ears you elite group you are God, I am ex-muslim but now new creation in Christ Jesus, the living God.

  12. This is what happens when a country lives beyond it's means. (Produce too little consume too much) A country cannot live on imports forever. Toss in corruption and you have Lebanon. This is a lesson for all of us. Local currencies are only used distribute the good and services produced in a country. Nothing to buy except imports…..

  13. It is the END of days. We are now approaching the end of the age. The year, according to God's calendar, is the year, 5991 from the first day of Eden. He earth has reached the closing of the sixth age. Nine years calendar years before the opening of 7th Age. We urge all people on the earth to turn away from life as they have known own it for the past few thousand years. Trying to save and force life to be the way it has been, will only plunge you deeper into collapse. Your time of glory has come to it's end. Kingdoms rise and Kingdoms fall. God's truth remain's standing tall. This is the fulfilment of Bible prophecy.

  14. is the government in the senses. its your country for gods sake atleast make it good enough that you would be able to hold an election. please help them .. please.. don't unite to fight rather fight to unite please..

  15. Tourism is their main source of income, with the pandemic it is obvious that the economy will collapse. Where are its friends, they need them now.

  16. Lebanon has been a problem for ever I can remember Lebanon being in the news back in the 80s when I was just a child has always been nothing but trouble such a bad place nobody will even invade it.

  17. The second venesuela try to inmigrante to canada u.s.a. England where ever is freedom peru , bolivia anywhere you can always move later on just go !

  18. Okay I really don’t mean any disrespect I have a lot of Lebanon friends but really the government here does not care at all all the people here are just visiting doing nothing at all this is just my opinion I really hope that they can recover from this

  19. This guy is corrupt as well… and he is an a BIG state of denial. There's going to be a special place in hell for him and his likes

  20. So he's in power for ten years.. But not responsible for situation caused for a decade.. Someone has to teach him English.. Or join him in mental asylum..

  21. Then what have you done in the past 10 years?! These politicians who refusing to see that they are part of the system that caused this mess, irks me!

  22. I like the interviewer. She is no nonsense and to the journalism point. She has a strong knowledge base background about the history of Lebanon and the corruption in Politics. The man she is talking does not seem trustworthy and I would not say thank you to such a man. There is nothing he has done for Lebanon or his people that should be thanked. He is veey arrogant. You can tell that right away. He also did not like her line of questioning. Thank you for this interview and documentary.

  23. Time for a new establishment new government new law and order . Listen to the people of Lebanon. Line the pockets of the people not the establishment. Kick start the economy rebuild Lebanon. Help the people of Lebanon with getting them aid and reasurre them the time is now the time is for change and we need the people of Lebanon to come together has one .ask for out side help from neighbouring country's and afar . Don't be proud not to ask for help .sit down with leaders and negotiate what you can do for each other. Right off any down debt and regain trust with the Lebanon people. Get aid in asap to hospitals and food and water .

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