Leicester City's Will Alves has feet for days! | Football Wonderkids Challenge


In the third episode of our Wonderkids challenge, 15-year-old Leicester City academy star Will Alves shows off his fast feet and freestyle moves in three skill-based challenges.

Stay tuned for next week’s finale to find out who will top the leaderboard.


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Leicester City’s Will Alves has feet for days! | Football Wonderkids Challenge


Date: October 14, 2020

45 thoughts on “Leicester City's Will Alves has feet for days! | Football Wonderkids Challenge

  1. I honestly think that he would roast the Fulham defenders right now. And probably a few others teams defenders to. He looks good.

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  3. lol i was expecting mediocre when i saw fast feet in the title but it would be lying if i said he aint got quick feet lol like damn

  4. Veeeerrrry quick feet but could have got an even better score had he not done those unnecessary touches on the obstacle course. Clear baller though…

  5. @bbcsport – Employ Rising Ballers to make your videos. Might teach you a thing or two about digital content creation in the 21st century Xx

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