Leopards vs. Python Snake | National Geographic


A mother leopard starts a fight with a rock python, Africa’s largest snake species.
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One morning in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, a leopard cub spies something in the brush and approaches as if engaging an opponent. The cub’s mother comes over to investigate, taking the forward position against the hidden target. A few swipes of the paw draw out the hoped-for prey, but it’s no easy kill. A rock python, the largest species of snake in Africa, strikes, forcing the leopard to jump back, and giving it the opportunity to make a momentary escape. But the leopard is up for a fight, and with its young watching, the four-legged predator squares off against the legless one. Also watching from very close range that day, July 4, 2016, were a safari guide and tour group, filming the wild struggle and remarking in amazement at the sight.

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Leopards vs. Python Snake | National Geographic

National Geographic


Date: February 23, 2020

38 thoughts on “Leopards vs. Python Snake | National Geographic

  1. that snake has no match with the leopard…even my cats killed a same kind of snake but not that big at our backyard and its quite an overkill cause my 5 cats vs a single snake lmao.

  2. That could go anyway….If that brave cat grabbed the snake the wrong way, SQUEEZE DA KITTY TO DEATH!….I wonder what the ending was….maybe it ended that way and they did not want to show it.lol

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