Lesbos: Who started the fire at Europe’s largest refugee camp? – BBC Newsnight


On 8 September 2020, the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos went up in flames. In an extended report, BBC Newsnight investigates the events surrounding the blaze. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog

More than 12,000 migrants, already living in dire conditions, were burned out of their tents after the fire devastated Europe’s largest refugee camp, Moria, on the Greek island of Lesbos.

The Greek authorities have blamed the blaze on a small number of residents of the camp, but among the refugees themselves many say local far-right activists started the fire.

On both sides there were people who wanted the camp gone. So what exactly happened and why?

With the help of a group of young refugee film-makers and exclusive access to a huge archive of footage from the fire and its aftermath, Newsnight’s International Editor Gabriel Gatehouse investigates the events surrounding the blaze and the roots of Europe’s dysfunctional migration policy.

Filmed in collaboration with Refocusmedialab.

Camera, editor and producer: Jack Garland.

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Date: October 16, 2020

30 thoughts on “Lesbos: Who started the fire at Europe’s largest refugee camp? – BBC Newsnight

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  3. BBC is desperatly searching for evidence that locals set Moria on fire. Now their story is, that some refugees set fires only on streets during a protest and just in this moment arrived a mysterious local, identified as a local by exactly nobody, but Mr. Gatehouse knows: he wa a right-wing activist, with the same intention to set fires in Moria aswell and in exactly the same day, hour and minute. Sorry, but every half smart person knows: This is a fabricated fairy tale, less than a rumor, simply fake news.
    26,000 habitants, and nobody has seen who put the camp on fire…..hahahahaha…….as if a fire in the night with 26,000 witnesses is something invisible.
    The five more likely versions are, that the protests went out of control or one refugee set the camp intentional on fire, from anger or stupidity or a mental disease or because he hopes to get invited to Germany, Sweden and elsewhere when all their belongings are destroyed…..
    This report is not investigative journalism and Gabriel Gatehouse should be fired for this garbage.

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  5. It was an extreme pleasure to collaborate with Gabriel, Jack and the entire BBC Newsnight team to bring this piece to light. Deep gratitude and respect from everyone at ReFOCUS

  6. Hearing the immigrants talking of depression and hardship upon leaving behind their homes… We here in europe(myself uk) suffer the same hardship, depression and poverty locked in our own respective countries… U dont think we would like to run to countries over the rainbow?!! For us, there is none.

  7. Unfortunately lots of our own people want to be filmmakers, doctors, lawyers anything… We have no jobs for ourselves let alone these immigrants as sorrowful as that may be.

  8. Africans and Middle Easterners were arrested for the fire, stop pushing the propaganda of NGOs, which many of them are charged for human trafficking and more serious crimes

  9. The interview is taken in front of my building. My store. My private property. But as i see, nobody mentions that my property was burned. It was not part of the camp. It was a family business. And now more than 13 families dont have a job.

  10. why they dont have fire station on the camp. other most important question.
    by the way this is like nazis camp. like a prison

  11. When u seek safe shelter in another country the name call refugees should act responsibly not throwing stones or violate the relevant country law and order .

  12. Defund the BBC woke propaganda organisation. No further comment on their lies and misrepresentations of facts and reality.

  13. The 3 diverse professors filmed themselves doing it, somehow it didn't get into mainstream. Diversity is ethnic cleansing against whites.

  14. Its not unknown that migrants start fires to get put elsewhere so bbc take note as they are so biased I can imagine what they believe.

  15. These people would be better off trying to improve their original countries, rather than ruining ours.

  16. And the Muppet's at the top are worried about Covid. Seriously what a load of horeshit to even mention Covid compared to their real situation!

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