Libya: The fight for Tripoli explained from the front line – BBC News


Eight years after the fall of its former ruler, Muammar Gaddafi, Libya remains plagued by instability.

Last month the self-styled Libyan National Army led by strongman General Khalifa Haftar launched an offensive on the capital, Tripoli.

BBC Arabic’s Feras Killani has spent time embedded with fighters allied to the country’s internationally recognised Government of National Accord, as they battle to repel the assault.

He reflects on what he saw on the frontline, and explains what’s happening and what it means for Libya.

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Date: August 24, 2019

36 thoughts on “Libya: The fight for Tripoli explained from the front line – BBC News

  1. man back in 2010 and those years were much more peacful people in some areas in tripoli cannot get out of their houses but in some libyan houses there are those rooms were they keep extra food just in case, some people cant lttrly go out at their backyards bc they are scared that they will be bombed, some people say that if libya became two countries, south libya and north libya then it will bring peace and idk how to feel about that, i wished at some point to live in libya, my home country but i guess we gotta wait for some things to change

  2. These embedded reporters misled people during Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon, Sudan, Congo, Rwanda and Libya. And the result is innumerable deaths of the poor people of the 3rd World. By reporting such, these media people became rich and the media florisued with the support of corrupt NATO governments. The UN was a rubber stamp body and silent spectator. Do you support this corrupt media that profits from biased reporting?

  3. If God did not expose the story of The pharaoh and Mosa in the quran He would have seemed like a hero in history to us😉 . If someone living in USA for 20 years comes out of nowhere with corrupt country support it does not mean he is going to do whats promised or nowhere near. Nobody should trust a unkown person's intentions he might do something that makes you temporarily happy and then he will leave you and your country in a shithole.

  4. The GNA – Serraj "Government" In tripoli, first and foremost being a Transitional one, not even official, and the UN backing it, the Libyan people in Tripoli did not vote for their existence.
    Since 2011, the Tripoli militias that are now "Defending" the capital, themselves have fought wars in the Capital since 2011, they destroyed the airport, Terminals and infrastructure in the process. They also pretent to give 'Security' to libyan people, but they themselves take and demand bribes in Private banks for ordinary people to withdraw their own money.

    Serraj and this 'UN' backed "governmnet" claim to want to give libyans Democracy, yet theres no constitution or legal basis for their existence. They wernt even voted in. Their power stems from Diverting funds, all and any, from the Central bank in Tripoli to fun Militias who happen to be Radicals and extremists, and who happen to maintain their power under gunpoint ( Heavily armed gangs ), who themselves had done murder, Kindappings, Executions, slave trade, the list goes on.

    They too, the Militias in Tripoli were responsible for the Tawargha massacre and town genocides.
    So before you demonize Haftar, Look at the other side of the coin. The Tripoli islamist militias are the WORST scum of the earth, Stinking unwashed beardos who pretend to be Muslims, who get weapons from Turkey to do what they want in the Capital. And the civilians cant do nothing, because they take money, they rule, they are the power.

    Anyone in Tripoli or Libya that takes support from Turkey and Qatar, are bringing back the Ottoman era of Turkish rule, which left libya, a Lawless, degenerate criminal and unprogressive country, Just look at the Barbary Ages in Tripoli. This is what Turkey brought to libya, Brutal rule under the Sultan, that used Tripoli as a launching point for his Pirate ships. THis is what these islamists want, a return of Libya back to the dark ages, degeneracy, and autoritarian Milita, tribal rule. They wouldnt mind taking dollars from Turkey in the billions and sell their country for it.

    Libyans today unfortunately have no sense of national identity, or Duty. They think their identity is Muslim Arabs, Turkish. It isnt, its North African. It belongs to North Africa. and since 1940, there were only 3 million libyans, those of which were jewish, Italian, Berber,… 60 Years later, the population grew to 6 Million, Possibly More. And in the last 20 years, there was an increase of atleast 800,000 People, of whom are 100% immigrants with fake passports and very little documents showing family Roots.

  5. Honestly saying Libiyan, Egyptian, Syrian, Iraqis has no brains…yuuuk thuuu..now you will understand the cost of killing of Gaddafi, Mursi, Saddam etc. And result of friendship with monkeys like NATO-USA allies….. 😠😠😠

  6. omg, this reporter is so biased… even secondary school student can feel it… bbc is throwing centuries of its reputation with this reporter… unbelievable.
    "no reporter are allowed in haftar's army"… well what is THIS then??? >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j91STBXHgRI
    its dw news germany reporter with haftar army… this reporter is either so BIASED or STUPID… choose one.
    and shoutout to BBC: you are ruining decades of your reputation for this man.

  7. Ganyan ng yari sa pilipinas though ndi gera bagkus nagpaalipin ung mga aquino sa banyaga para matulungan sila mag himagsik katulad ng libya nung dictator ung nkaupo sila sila din nagsabi richest in africa ganun din pilipinas dati ngaun ayun taghirap pilipinas gsto nila ngaun iupo mga tauhan ng dilawan ung mga otso otso kung tawagin mga matatagal ng nakaupo pero wala inunlad bansa

  8. It's a tragic fact that so many innocent, hard working people suffer everyday due to politics and conflicts far beyond their control.
    I hope the conflicts subside soon, and peace in Libya.

  9. these countries should just trade under the petro dollar and not try to rival it, it is the western world that buys most oil anyway, and it won't be long before it stops getting used completely, I would just sell as much as possible and use the money to invest in solar powered farms and such, it is the greed of these Muslim countries that ended them,by trying to cut America out of the profit, it gets you invaded lol.

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