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Changing our day-to-day behaviors may be easier than previously imagined. By meditating on and repeating motivational, inspirational life quotes, we are better prepared to change our thought patterns, behaviors and in turn, change our lives.

If we believe something to be easy, we find little, if any struggle in accomplishing it. However, if we imagine something to be difficult to accomplish, then our struggle becomes more apparent. In fact, if we imagine that it is difficult to change a specific behavior, then we will always find experiences that will justify that belief.

I hope you will find the life quotes in the video inspiring.

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Think positive.
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Date: October 6, 2019

33 thoughts on “Life Quotes-HEART TOUCHING (MUST WATCH)

  1. If I talk a lot people come and say: you know too much! To which I’d shoot back: what-? What did I just say? Was it right? Was I being too profound? What? Say something! Did I hur…No, you talk too much! Aaaaarrrggghh!😆

  2. Then why do you want us to ask questions??? You only want to reveal the answers when we ask the right questions. But, i always like people who resembles the saying in Tamil, " Ellu naa ennai ya irukenum". They know what we are going to do next with the sesame.

  3. There is nothing more pitiful than a hollowed soul. As children we all are born with one. As adulthood comes, the soul becomes hollowed by men chasing his greed. To protect his wealth, he had got to undo the wealth of others. It is just his security (protectionism). When this is achieved, he becomes a tyrant, thinking that he possesses the people- those who work for him. Those who don't and do not conform with his wish are persecuted.

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