Lion takes down buffalo with surprising ease


45 thoughts on “Lion takes down buffalo with surprising ease

  1. Females may do all the hunting, but lone males (Or even in bands or prides) will ambush, but not chase, because of their speed. They're ambush predators, it's pretty hard since they get noticed cause of the mane, so males in prides, males will stay and defend the territory (He doesn't wanna chase all day, he just wants it away from the territory) while the females (Faster an able to chase, and catch) hunt.

  2. Let's not forget that, lions hunt Cape buffalo one of the most dangerous animals in the world. The tiger hunts the water buffalo which is slightly bigger than the Cape buffalo but the water buffalo is a domestic cow tamed by the locals in India just like any other cow. While the cape buffalo is pure aggression and can kill a lion if the lion is not experienced.

  3. There is another video on youtube of a lone male lion charging a large herd of buffalo head on and it shows him diving underneath one in full flight and then latching his teeth onto the buffalo's throat and taking it down that way. Unbelievable courage, speed and power shown by that lion in the video. He could have gotten trampled but he times his slide to the throat perfectly. The herd was walking towards him as he was hiding behind a fallen tree waiting for them to get closer. All those dangerous horns pointed right at him but he charges straight at them like they were a group of rabbits. He shows no fear charging right at them head on as fast as he can. Even more amazing then this video. Here it is if you have never seen it.


  4. There is some confusion in these comments. Single male nomads can hunt on their own because they have no choice! They usually go after buffalo who are slower animals. But once nomadic males join a pride, the females generally do the hunting because when hunting most game, the huge manes of a male lion give away its secrecy too easily. They also don't run as fast lionesses. When taking down a wildebeest, warthog or especially a zebra, it's usually best that  lionesses work as a team and use an ambush technique. What I get offended by is this notion that dominant males in a pride are lazy. No they are NOT. They serve a vital function, First of all, they protect the territory while the lionesses are hunting. Secondly, they protect the cubs who are in the den. If there is not a male patrolling that area, those cubs will be consumed by wild dogs, hyenas and nomadic males. It is too simple to say that male lions or female lions are better hunters. They each are better at doing different things. I can tell you this. I would much rather be a lioness than a lion. Lions pretty much have a 2 to 4 year reign over a pride until they are unseated. Once they are kicked out of the pride by nomadic males, it is an extremely dangerous situation, and many males die for starvation. They don't always encounter a buffalo like this.. In fact, I saw one documentary where a starving male nomad FINALLY encountered a male buffalo bull stuck in the mud, and he the poor lion had no strength to bite thru the buffs hide to get at the meat.

  5. Male Lions could've always done that they are much stronger than Tiger which people assume they are not but they can Take any pray by themselfs but they just choose to have the Females do it so and you see with how much ease he took it down and he dosen't even have the bite force to kill it in one go just the strength is enough. And his Mane protects him so if any troll is going to say Tigers can kill lions they can fucking go eat ball penis lol

  6. Wooow!! He hunt like a King and having a feast like a king under the shade and of course he is a King 🦁 very skilled hunter, easily took down such a big prey alone. I can imagine his mom lioness must be very good hunter and taught him well!👍

  7. I know this is really old but i wonder how that lion that was limping fared? was that the beginning of the end for him or did he recover from that injury? he is lucky to have his partner there to help keep him fed and provide the energy and nourishment to give him every chance to recover otherwise he would have been in real trouble. Such a great benefit of being a social cat.

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