Live Augmented Reality-National Geographic


Advertising Agency: Appshaker, London, UK
Creative Directors: Alex Poulson, Kevin Jackson
Art Director: Barnabas Nanay
3D: Vertigo Digital
Production Directors: Adam Trost, Szabolcs Turányi-Vadnay
From : http://www.adsoftheworld.com


Date: September 12, 2019

40 thoughts on “Live Augmented Reality-National Geographic

  1. Nope. This is simply pre-rendered video overlaid onto real-time video. The "marker" on the floor just tells the unsuspecting audience where to stand. The hired goons are play-acting the image targets.
    1. In the Kuwait video, same results, no image targets
    2. The "AR" camera is always stationary.
    3. Inspection of stills of the dino rendering show that the skin detail is achieved using geometry rather than normal maps (normal maps would be appropriate for a real-time app)
    4. etc., no chars remain

  2. I believe it's based on 2 things, one is the square on the floor, and the other is that if you look closely, there is always a man in the shot that has a collection of white cards. this tells the software connected to the camera, what to show and where to make the interaction points, like where the cheetah lays down etc.on the cards is something like a barcode or a code of sorts that the camera understands, and dependent on the orintation of the card, is how the 3d animation will appear.

  3. @stormdumb, exactly what i was thinking! Should be in the schools! if we showed support for our schools by funding the really cool stuff like this, learning would be fun, and kids would want to learn!

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