LIVE: State Opening of Parliament, The Queen's speech- BBC NEWS


We’re live at the State Opening of Parliament where Queen Elizabeth will deliver the Queen’s Speech. The ceremonial event outlines the UK Government’s legislative plans. #QueensSpeech

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Date: November 8, 2019

41 thoughts on “LIVE: State Opening of Parliament, The Queen's speech- BBC NEWS

  1. Blimey all those lords that cost the taxpayer lots and lots of lolly, is it £300 a day while the poor pensioners have to get by on a state basic pension of £168 a week I believe. Should be the other way around. Certainly a case of them and us.

  2. Pulling over to the 21st century all the traditional staff of 600 years ago is rather hilarious.They should have thousands of tailors in UK…! In the British Navy, for instance, they change uniforms 3 times a day! It would be interesting to have a photo list of all those uniforms along with their corresponding titles.

  3. maybe she is a queen , but why she claimed government is hers ? Government belongs to the British nation , Europeans don't have that problem . There is some Royalties in Europe as well , but no Royalties mix with politics . Let wealthy people do Brexit , but let your nation decide . This is not example of Freedom , I'm disappointed that England always represented free world and now is facing confusing and division . for Christians is always one Queen matters , whose is in heaven . we all humans and sinners , there is no reason to do farce about it

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  5. I love all the traditions, the knocking at the door, archaic traditions been going on for hundreds of years! House of Lords so formal, etc. Wish there was a camera by the Royal Guards Band. They are incredible to hear in person.

  6. Listen Lizzy Windsor (false name) Saxe-Coburg Gotha (German)

    Tell them their idiotic BREXIT has had enough time and chances
    and it IS OFF after all old fraulein you're supposed to be the BOSS ! (?)

    It IS NOT the "will of the people" (look at London's streets today)
    it WAS the will of SOME OF the people nearly FOUR YEARS AGO !!!

    NOW there are NEW ADULTS who in 2016 were children to have a say
    so either ORDER IT be put TO THE PEOPLE or order it INVALID come on ?

    And £33 billion may be buttons to you old Lizzard but there are 1000's of
    people IN YOUR COUNTRY whose lives could be improved with that money.

    PICK THE PHONE UP and tell tatty head Johnson enough is enough IT'S OFF !


    And I won't bow. I'm Irish ☘️ which is EU anyway and I'm resident in UK

    Futile "Brexit"

  7. Godly nature is gone from UK
    Worldly nature comes TO parliament
    There IS no fear of God in UK
    Threy lost the faith in JESUS therefore they Will suffer in the last day's.
    THIS country's was U.K. once a upon time U.K. was godly country's today ungodly country's. Tragedy waiting FOR THEM .unless revival come up believing JESUS 100% they Will remain in tragedy LIFE.

  8. As soon as she mentioned the non existent gender pay gap this speech lost all credibility. .. still holding out hope for an ounce of common sense from someone in "Authority" but that hope is fast fading ….

    Ps … F*ck the dirty disgusting BBC, YOU'RE A DISGRACE, just generally

  9. The Crown, the treasury and parliament are all private, for profit corporations whom are registered to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Which is a foreign military power.
    1) this is treason.
    2) these all purport to be public servants, yet are trading for profit, "FRAUD".
    3) these purported public servants have sworn an oath as such. "Treason"
    4) these purported public servants have also sworn NOT to act unless in the publics interest. They are acting in their own interests. "Ultra Vires".
    5) these purported public servants act on behalf of third party interlopers without the relevant licences. "More fraud".
    6) HM Parliaments and governments plc is in category 11 bankruptcy, yet still trades. "Even more fraud".
    7) the police refuse to accept material evidence or a complaint reporting this fraud and treason perpetrated by the men and woman whom purport to be public servants. "Arbitrary, Dictatorial and slavery and also a double standard in the law for elites".
    We are way past the breaking point of civil war, we the people have the lawful right and obligation of rebellion, it is also our lawful obligation to distress the state.

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