Locked Up in St. Louis | National Geographic


New inmates get a taste of life in the St. Louis county jail – and they’ve already had enough.
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Locked Up in St. Louis | National Geographic

National Geographic


Date: November 19, 2019

39 thoughts on “Locked Up in St. Louis | National Geographic

  1. A health care professional saying, "She do got my back"? No, thank you. Thank God, there's no indication that Kiara Taylor ever became a nurse. She was, however, arrested for stealing clothes from Sports Authority last year.

  2. And half of them are innocent, some are there because they're black, some got illegal weapons planted on them by cops, some happen to be in a same place where drug deals took place, some could have charges made up against them.

  3. The Work house was a gladiator camp when I was there in 92', nothing but fighting going on, the fucking youngsters trying to prove how bad they are. 24 yrs. since I was there, I won't even drive down Hall St. i don't even wanna look at that place. I went to Gumbo a year later, did a year at the Annex, that place was like a vacation compared to the Work house, played ping pong all day, & spades at night.

  4. I like how some people reason that because they are on a path of acquiring an education somehow, they ought to be spared the ordeal of going through any criminal system…What ever happened to doing what 1 can to walk the straight & narrow long b4 the horizon of trouble IE: I'm in nursing school & [I] can't afford to B in jail.

  5. I had a warrant tthey came all the way to Vegas to come and get me it was a ten year warrant I only serve 5 mth there hate that place they want you to mess up to see you go into the hole this happen in 09 never been back I was just young and dump at that time……fee

  6. what are you talking about? books are free and nowadays people just read everything on the internet and on Kindle. There are plenty of Books through Jails programs so it does not have to come out of your pocket. Alot of these people are in for weed anyhow so that does not mean they cant read and they dont deserve reading material.

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