London's Big Ben gets blue clock hands back after £80million restoration


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For nearly a century a series of St George’s crosses have been covered in black on all four sides of Big Ben.

But six repainted shields on each side have now been unveiled to the eyes of Westminster as part of the largest restoration in the Elizabeth Tower’s history, which has so far taken four years and is costing £80million.

The refurbished tower has moved a step closer to completion in recent weeks with the series of new shields and the return of the clock hands to Big Ben, now repainted in their original Prussian blue colour.

The 177-year-old landmark in Westminster has been covered in scaffolding since May 2017 when craftsmen began work to refurbish its stonework, reglaze the four clock dials and repaint the ironwork.

And the restoration project is due to be completed next year after a six-month delay, when the famous 13-tonne Big Ben bell – which has been largely silenced while the work has been carried out – will chime again.

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Date: September 13, 2021

42 thoughts on “London's Big Ben gets blue clock hands back after £80million restoration

  1. I didn’t know a sand blaster was so expensive. Must look into the company the brokers ie government gave the gig too.

  2. Tax payer are paying for this during uncertain times. The poliTRICKSTERS and their evil money hungry greedy demons never pay any tax. They better think twice with the looming tyrannical lockdown on it's way.

  3. £80million for some blue paint? Oh yeah, that's not fishy at all.

    Prefer they just demolished the whole area and built affording housing.

  4. Everything wrong with 1st world western countries but who spiritually speaking, are 3rd world banana republics.

  5. 80 million budget , 1 or 2 million for actual restoration.. 70 odd million racketeered into mps “retirement fund”

  6. Why not spend on homeless citizens who sleep out in cold freezing winter weather in a poor sleeping bag in the city centre of every Britain high street

  7. £80 million on a bloody clock yet the homeless are still homeless, the poor are getting poorer, children are going hungry or not getting the right nutrition, the elderly are being more and more isolated in decaying facilities. It's a clock. It's not really even that important outside of London, let's face it. Shows how short-sighted the government are.

  8. 80 million to keep Britain heritage and his alive is fine with me. What's not ok is 110m on a train line and 38 billion in the NHS app that doesn't work

  9. I am in favour of the up-keep and restoration of national monuments. I would prefer them not to be torn down by imbeciles.

  10. By the government's thinking, big Ben should be torn down because its a symbol of empirical rule….. So spend the money on dealing with crime and mental health

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