Luxury lifestyle of billionaires – World Billionaires Luxury Home Cars


32 thoughts on “Luxury lifestyle of billionaires – World Billionaires Luxury Home Cars

  1. First of fall. Rich people never pretend to have a big house and car. Rather they feel to invest that money so that they can built there another asset. Dont tempt people by showing this fucking virtual things

  2. They say, Why you want to have this lifestyle?

    Because it's the one that makes itself operate without you. Meaning, wealth is of the essence and to be honest I must endeavor .

    Wealth begets wealth..

  3. In reality that live rarher suck, ig house is suck, ghosly, robbery and cleptomania paradise, nit mention you git to mentor cleaning, maintenance security 24 hours. There always somebody betray you. This is a lie, ive been there done that, i even got a room full of gold.

  4. This house is located in which city I just want to claim it in Jesus Christ dreams do come true. If Buffett chose not to have such life non of my business still doesn't away the fact his billionaire who once go and have him some good time

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