I am 100% sure this story will help you to make a marriage last forever!



  1. Beautiful story/fact, whatever. Taking the other for granted is one of the greater, if not the greatest, mistakes in a couple's life that destroys a marriage/family. Thanks for the wonderful message.

  2. I would do it all over again with him. I love him so much and he loves me. He's my hero even when he's away ; I can feel him and feel him holding me close to him. It's truly amazing the power of love ?.

  3. this was sweet and all. but with in the next few weeks it well all go back the way it use to be. just about the time you think things are going to get better it all goes back to the same old way,

  4. Hey this seems to be a fairy tale…! What if the other person enjoys our servanthood for years and cheating on our back and behaves too sweetly when you work for him ?? ……God has created different characters ….need not be Keri and …what you need is boldness to checkout the evil….be it through prayers or intelligence….see?


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