Make or Break for UK & US Travel | June 7, 2021


This is it! Make or break time for travel to the US from the UK. Will it happen this week? Also, usual COVID, vaccination and positivity rate stats. How is the US vaccine roll-out going? Portugal in the amber zone and hitting out. The state of emergency has been lifted in Orange County. A perspective on
the US travel ban and a map showing who is allowed in. President Biden to affirm the “special relationship” the US and UK have. Will that stretch to an air bridge? Update on direct flights into MCO from BA, Virgin & TUI. Details of the Disney Boo Bash released. Another restaurant to reopen in Animal Kingdom and another change to Disney’s mask policy. A change to Universal’s mask policy for Team Members, a look at the WDW Parks Availability Calendar and the weather for the next two weeks.

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Date: October 1, 2021

38 thoughts on “Make or Break for UK & US Travel | June 7, 2021

  1. Hi Lionel, great info, ive got a road trip booked to the US, before covid happend, put back for sept this year , I think our government dont want us to travel overseas this year, here's hoping…..

  2. Thanks Lionel for the stats, fingers crossed something happens this week, surely it can't go on much longer, it's just mad when you see the map. Hope you are well, stay safe. Carol from blity. Xxxx

  3. The latest figures are confusing and hard to believe but thanks for continuing to report them. Your stat regarding first doses is slightly out, according to the UK data it’s 76.8% and 53% have had their second. The map showing the countries that were banned from entry was unbelievable. Hopefully some air bridge agreement can be reach soon. I agree that the Digital Certificate is the way forward. Nice to hear that the mask and social distancing measures have been lifted in Orange County. Again it’s a sign that things are moving forward. The current Indian variant is causing concern here in the UK and putting our possible end of our end to all restrictions from June 21st but an extra two or three weeks wouldn’t effect me in anyway. Great info as usual Lionel. See you next week.

  4. Interesting information as always, thank you. It’s all becoming very confused with UKs downward trend now moving upwards (but we are vaccinating at a pretty rapid rate) and the US now producing quite incomplete stats. The airlines appear to be holding out for the moment with not cancelling anything else yet. But I f there isn’t at least an announced plan to resume travel this week, with various caveats I’m sure, I think the summer might be lost. As someone who hopes to travel on 31st August, my optimism is fading a little.

  5. Thanks for the great update, with regards to the map I thought the border was closed between Canada and the US?

  6. Thanks Lionel your analysis and common sense keeps me sane! So disappointed overseas travel was much easier last summer when in 2021 we have access to tests and so many in UK have been double vaccinated. We will continue booking until we get there! In the meanwhile, your uploads keep us smiling

  7. Hi Lionel can you use the EU reference instead of Europe. The EU is at 40% while Europe is 33%. Expect most EU States to hit 50% this month.

  8. Thanks for the info, I was surprised at the high price of boo bash I was considering booking but not when it’s more expensive than mnsshp when we went in 2019 and there’s less going on ! Take care x

  9. Thank you as always
    The map is ridiculous
    I can’t see bidens visit changing anything to be honest

  10. Sorry Lionel but the UK is not allowed trough Europe, every Country is banning UK… so do you really think the USA opens for the UK before they open for the Rest of Europe?! (besides all this Covid beeing Bollocks anyway…)

  11. Watched this and, as always, I have massive respect for you and the uploads. As soon as I finished, I went to grab some lunch and all over the news was the airlines pleading with the uk government to re-open transatlantic airways urgently. How long before BA, Virgin or one of the large airports go pop? I think we are reaching the point of no return.

  12. Thank you Lionel! We are hoping to get away late aug hoping by then borders will be open 🤞✈️

  13. Thanks Lionel another fab informative update look forward to them keeps me hopeful well get there soon fingers crossed for announcement this week 🤞🤞🤞

  14. Amazing vlog, but i do worry with covid on the rise again in the UK , right now though it being slow, this could muck up any chance of this year. I've got 22 nights for September booked , so hope I'm wrong

  15. Great video and information again thanks. I have to believe that an air bridge will be announced this week .

  16. Thanks for the update. Got everything crossed we can go in August 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  17. Quality vlog as usual it is so frustrating that an air bridge between the UK and US has not been announced yet lets just hope it gets sorted asap so we can all get back over there. On a side note when do you expect Disney will go mask free ? Also great news about Seaworld and Howl O Scream and with any luck you might get to do an unscheduled video if any news breaks this week.

  18. Thank you Lionel, another great vlog filled with useful info. I really appreciate it and look forward to them everywhere x

  19. Big week this week. Everything crossed. If we don’t hear anything It will be so disappointing as just can’t see when else an announcement would be made. The current situation is ridiculous and the constant changing of travel guidance here in the U.K. feels like we’re going to be stuck in this bubble of restrictions forever! Thanks so much Lionel for the update. Let us know if you hear anything xx

  20. Booked for this November Lionel in the hope it's all ready to rock by then🤞. Have to meet up for a beer 👍

  21. Thanks Lionel. I keep hoping you’ll have the good news that allows us to come in. Fingers crossed for the G7 this week

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