Maps reveal hidden truths of the world's cities – BBC News


A new website that lets people delve into data on the world’s cities has been launched.

Dr Robert Muggah from the think-tank Instituto Igarapé showed the BBC some of his favourite maps from EarthTime.

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Date: September 11, 2021

36 thoughts on “Maps reveal hidden truths of the world's cities – BBC News

  1. Man Ireland lights up the sky. I wouldn't have taught we had such a big foot print up there. Now when i think of it we have had big population surge over the year's. I don't know of any other impact that would account for those XMAS light affect. Cheers ✊☘️

  2. BBC graphs maps lies and more lies BBC ISENT even news it’s just entertainment it’s so superficial it’s beyond belief the BBC is a dying dinosaur thank god .

  3. Mate I just believe you’re full of shit how the hell do you know what’s underneath Miami and Florida maybe you’ve written in a book maybe you’ve heard on the news but you don’t know what’s going on really you’re just putting fear into people and it’s unnecessary to have a Bible read Matthew Mark Luke and John James Jude revelations and then wake up to yourself your Gronk

  4. Sorry mate but you say you’ve studied the world maps but it doesn’t say that you’ve studied the ground their own so how do you know that the living on Limestone Florida and Miami

  5. Mark of the Beast New World Order
    The Devil runs this world and getting worse
    2 Tim 3:1-5 In the Last days there will be difficult times. People will be selfish, greedy, cruel, violent, uncompassionate, no remorse/conscious, ungodly, hypocritical, etc…

  6. why are you NOT putting out the proof about Fauci using the wuhan lab
    for his illegal research where he created the covid virus!!??

  7. 1:51 The florida keys were supposed to be underwater by the late 90s….Maybe thats why somebody like me doesnt take the rising sea level seriously.

  8. Life of ordinary humans is deprived of happines, all is left is strugle, rich will continue to do what ever they want (rich people breakfast cost month salary of rest of us) and rest of us will work for them and fell guilty for earth demise. We create stupid civilization where 1000s work for one "god" – rich and now we will ripe what we saw. You know what, people deserve to be depresed by milioners because people galantly let them do it. F ordinary spineless creatures! I am that creature to.

  9. POLLUTION and HATE man kinds greatest challenge . can we stop pollution and overpopulation. how about a worldwide birth lottery that anyone regardless of status can enter their name in. a non digital draw out of many rotating barrels across the world . the names drawn get the right to birth a child of their own. it would take cooperation of all people to do this ha, ha maybe not>>>>>>>>>.

  10. climate change AKA/ POLLUTION /deforestation, if pollution /deforestation can be stopped/abated. the current ice age (quaternary) that the northern hemisphere is under is ongoing .at this time we are in one of the warming phases ( interglacial ) in which the northern permafrost/glaciers will melt away leaving a warmer climate and then refreeze creating glaciers close to 4000+ ft thick. all this on a geologic timescale. included in this is land rebound and ocean rise and fall. the land will depress in many areas after a mile of ice on it and can rise up (after melting) a possible 200 ft and during the glacial maximum the ocean can drop 300 to 400 ft . our oceans are still rising from the last glacial maximum and will continue to do so until the northern hemisphere ice is all gone never mind that we stopped the human /pollution/deforestation caused climate change event. some coastal areas will flood due to rising sea levels from the aforementioned natural events. such as glacial melting due to the interglacial warming phase we are in at this time. now the issue of the pollution of the jet stream / upper atmosphere ? hmmn the biggest can of worms ever this started in the 1960's to the present day. the maps showing the hidden truth of this is…… no comment. the upper atmosphere doesn't rain and high altitude exhaust accumulates on a ongoing basis whirling around way up there. what a nice warm blanket to keep us all warm and cozy preventing the oncoming of the new ice age ? conjecture/opinion? all that is no real conclusions on it. or is there ? ohh they say its not an issue . find the info/maps/data before it is scrubbed from your search.

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