Marine Team Save Hundreds Of Hostages In Counter-Terror Rescue | Special Forces S1 EP2 | Wonder


A horrific attack on a grade school and packed passenger train sends special forces operatives into action. To this day, the 1977 double siege is the most famous mission of the Royal Dutch Marines. It is still studied by counter-terrorism units worldwide as a textbook example of how to handle a hostage crisis.

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A new breed of warrior has emerged to fight a global plague of coups, kidnappings and assassinations: the commando. Follow these international super soldiers on actual covert missions as they take on the world’s worst villains.

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Date: May 10, 2020

33 thoughts on “Marine Team Save Hundreds Of Hostages In Counter-Terror Rescue | Special Forces S1 EP2 | Wonder

  1. Because you killed them 2 woman. Not cause they stood up. Can’t believe you say you can see in there with thermal and how advanced your stuff is yet you still kill 2 hostages.

  2. Manila, QUIRINO HOSTAGE CRISIS August 23, 2010….hostage taker senior inspector police Rolando Mendoza…..ang gagaling ng mga special forces Natin dito… Successful ang operation…😜😜😜😜Hahahahahahaha

  3. 21:09) " the Marines wanted to get in listening equipment at the first opportunity"… " this was with the food".
    The first opportunity was with the phone! I would be really surprised if they did not have a phone with fiber optic receiver or something like that they can actually see and hear everything in the room whether the phone is on or not.
    If they didn't, then it isn't the terrorists they need to ascertain if they're stupid, or poorly-planned.
    They're trained dudes…I would hope they thought of this!

  4. Are you sure it is a good idea to give away strategy and tactics even after this long period of time? Good thing there wasn't a news crew reporting, minute by minute, the Marines actions.

  5. i would want to feel for them but i live nl for 6 years and is sad how they treat black people look this aint blacks that did this ? huh sad how evil humans are and not colors !!

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