Uncover the science behind Mixed Martial Arts as technology tests the limits of some of the greatest MMA masters.
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Fight Science: Mixed Martial Arts : http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/fightscience/?source=4003

Masters of Mixed Martial Arts | National Geographic

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  1. For years scientists,, have measured punches. and kicks to determine who has the biggest strike . These studies have been in vain. Force is the common unit of measurement, no two studies are comparable as the rigs used are not standardized. Force is entirely subjective which means the harder the surface the higher the force. The scientist with the hardest rig will produce the biggest number, for the same fighter! Thats why I formed Strike Research and invented StrikeMate

  2. The oldest martial art in the world is boxing and the second most oldest martial art is wrestling.And you know why because when we first start too fight without any skill we use fists and just a very sloppy version of boxing and the second of all when you fight somewhere in the middle of the fight the fight will probably go on the ground.Boxing has been around thousand years and since the beginning of the human race even with 4 standard techniques-jab,cross,hook,uppercut.

  3. Legend says that Kalari Martial Arts is 3000-year-old art form by Sage Parasurama- the master of all martial art forms (including Crane ,Tiger, Monkey styles in Kung-fu today) At the 6th century A.D. Buddhabhadra or Ba Tuo from India built Shaolin Temple to teach Buddhism during Emperor Xiaowen and at end of 6th century, another buddhist monk from Southern India (Kerala) Bodhidarma (Kalaripayattu martial arts Master) taught Martial arts in Shaolin, from China,have spread to Korea & Japan.

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