Match of the Day's Premier League all-time XI | BBC Sport


Match of the the Day’s Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer, Ian Wright and Danny Murphy select their all-time Premier League all-star XI.


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Match of the Day’s Premier League all-time XI | BBC Sport


Date: May 9, 2020

50 thoughts on “Match of the Day's Premier League all-time XI | BBC Sport

  1. They r doing arsenal and Liverpool players dirty here not even mentioning the like of Reina , kuyt , carragher , alonso , pires , Lauren , petit , winterburn etc and not giving some of the arsenal players the justice they deserve because they weren’t as successful as Man U

  2. Gerrard and Lampard need another holding midfielder behind them (Scholes for offensive presence, or perhaps Kante for pure defensive utility). Drop a striker.

  3. You never threw Roy Keane over, shut your mouth Shearer. It had to be Veira or Keane in one postion and Lampard, Gerard or Scholes in the other. Joke Irwin wans't picked as well and I do hate United, but I am an Irish Toon fan. Cantona shouldv'e been the first on the premier league hall of fame.

  4. Huge respect to Smeichel, but if this the premier league all-time XI why didn't choose the most cleansheet and saves GK in PL history..
    even Alan Sherarer insisted with that

  5. Shearer was banging in goals with a ‘good/decent’ Newcastle Team. Now imagine if he was in a Man Utd or Arsenal team with world class players and ball service. That goal record would be ridiculous.

  6. Shame on you. Leaving Bergkamp out. He was essential in breaking open the PL for 'foreign' stars. As a striker he was a genius, as a playmaker even more. No one had a first touch and killer finish like him, and no one could read and speed up the game like he did. Dennis, get off the bench and warm up. There's magic to be shown..

  7. I can maybe accept no Keane or Viera in the team, but surely Paul Scholes has got to be in there.
    My team:

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