Matt Hancock announces India to be added to UK's travel red list


Matt Hancock has announced that India is to be added to the UK’s ‘red list’ amid worries over a variant first discovered in the country. The decision means most travel from India will be banned, with only UK citizens and residents allowed into the country on condition of a hotel quarantine upon arrival. It will come into effect from 4am on Friday.

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Date: September 11, 2021

21 thoughts on “Matt Hancock announces India to be added to UK's travel red list

  1. How the heck is this a "difficult decision" if there is a "new variant" that's brought India to it's knees? Jeez-us. What a bunch of suckers. They should've put India on the red list as soon as the variant was discovered.

  2. Fancy announcing an India ban then allowing travel until a certain date. Of course everyone who can leave is going to, I saw that, everyone saw that. Now we're in lockdown again bc of Bj's selfish incompetence.

  3. Usual crock of 💩 from the compulsive liar who one day IS going to stand trial for his lies and crime's against the men,women and children of this country.

  4. My aircraft app, shows flights coming here from all over the Globe, and of course holiday flights for the T.V. Radio livers.

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