Meghan & Harry – Book Off ? #meghanmarkle #princeharry #royalnews


22 thoughts on “Meghan & Harry – Book Off ? #meghanmarkle #princeharry #royalnews

  1. I was, just now, realizing that you have the same first name (and spelled the same) as my father, "Neil," who died in November 2001. Then you said, "Time is of the Essence." THAT is WHAT my father said to us kids (my three brothers and myself) ALL of the TIME! I am NOT kidding! That makes me wonder, if my father had anything to do with this "coincidence" (some say that there are no coincidences, hence the quotation marks around the word). (After all, someone saying that to me, at this time, with all of the things that are "not getting done, fast," would be quite appropriate.) He had done something before, that was VERY unusual. He was upset and concerned about me having been in bed for 3 days, so he, loudly, said the following:
    "Get UP, Faye Ann!"
    "Get UP, Faye Ann!"
    My father said that to me 3 days
    AFTER he DIED. I was upset about his death. I could hear in his voice, that he was upset and concerned about me. I did not want him to be upset, so I got up.

  2. Meghan is so treacheous, unlikable and has so much dirt under the carpet that there's a waiting list to spill the tea on her. 🤣🤣🤣

  3. So tiresome having the ‘race’ card played every other five minutes because it diminishes the horrible existence of racism, and belittles the impact it has on those who sadly suffer from such unacceptable behaviour.

  4. Ohhh yes, we are looking forward to Tom's book! Ohhh yeah the race card of convenience! So sad, so old and tired!

  5. "tacky" thing. Bower will ride high on the counter attack. It seems that every offensive that the handlers of Haz and Meg come up with is being shot down.
    At some point 'just harry' will take a look at the promises that these anti monarchists have made . When he realises that he has been played, just how will he exact his revenge on his real enemies?

  6. Anything of the slightest interest in Harry's book will be related in the headlines and commented on by youtubers the very next day. Bower's book will be chock full of bombshells that will last for weeks.

  7. Doesn't Maggot's "friend" realize the witch is "WHITE"? That's what she claimed growing up and documented on legal records 🤔🤣

  8. Please stop putting up pictures of Meliguelar seeing Harry's wife at all is too much for my delicate constitution. Daily it's just too annoying. As you can tell I feel she is the elephant in any room.

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