Meghan & Harry call in the Legals again ! #royalnews #princeharry #meghanmarkle


29 thoughts on “Meghan & Harry call in the Legals again ! #royalnews #princeharry #meghanmarkle

  1. I love your videos, not just for content, but also the locations that you choose. My husband and I are American, but visited England 6 years ago and just loved it. We were only in London for 3 days. Not enough time to see all of it. My husband is a history buff and would have loved to spend an entire week in London.

  2. Their so called charity is all about Me, Me, Me and Harry, all the expensive advice they take is just a waste of money

  3. Narcissistic people Do Not take advice.
    They are intellectually incapable.
    They have little to No remorse.
    They Will look you in the eye while Lying to you.
    Then if you disagree with them they let loose with a manic anger response.
    These people should be Avoided at All times.

  4. Don’t you ever get sick of talking about these two narcissists. I’m sick of hearing it sorry. I just can’t listen to their whining any more.

  5. If they're living an eco-friendly house accommodated to the size of the family and really taken responsibly then maybe I might listen to them but no no. Don't tell us average people who live in a thousand square foot home with three or four family members that we need to be more eco-friendly when you're living the way you do

  6. They signed all these mega-deals with these other outlets also but I haven't really seen much of anything from them accept to slamming the Royals, not that anybody wants hear the hypocritical BS they seem the spout about environment and everything living in their environmentally unfriendly mansion they seem to take the money but and maybe the sponsors will realize a lot of people really don't give a shit about them they run their course

  7. I don't think you are being truthful. Can't find what you're saying on the Internet. Obviously registering a charity needs lawyers so there's nothing amiss there. But you make it as if its illegal or scandalous. You should be ashamed of yourself

  8. HARRY AND MEGHAN Are the most disgusting Couple on the Planet, SHE Never Gave Birth TO Any KidS, The public needs Proof,

  9. Her target was to marry a prince, I hope she is very disappointed that the only one she had any chance of getting was a very, very dim witted one.

  10. Ukkk media Ukkk media Ukkk media Ukkk media Ukkk media Ukkk media Ukkk media Ukkk media Ukkk media Ukkk media Ukkk media Ukkk media Ukkk media !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I say Archwell 's not really a 100% non-profit "charity" organization but made to look like one. I liken it to the Trump Organization that now has lawsuits piling up. Trump has used it as a means to pay for his lavish lifestyle. I mean how else would Harry and Meghan afford to keep hiring new people? They are supposedly cut-off financially now and I highly doubt Netflix, Spotify, Apple TV and Penguin Random House have paid them in full. She's unemployed and I don't think Harry's salary with a startup company is enough to pay for all the people they hired. So where does that leave them?

  12. You can advise all his want but no one tells Beghan what to do. It her way to the highway. Archewell is all about money in her pockets.

  13. Harry and Meghan need so much money to live their life style. They want to remain incredibly private, that is such a JOKE, they are always on the media.

  14. Do not they have anything better to do? Every two weeks they come up with a new idea to be in the news. So much leaving the UK for a quiet and private life.

  15. In the garden behind you it seems to be planted with BAMBOO !!! A very destructive plant which YOU CANNOT EVER GET RID OF !!

  16. They hire advisers so Megain can tell them how smart she is, and so she can blame them for the failures!!!
    They can't disclose what they are really doing because its fraud. Falsely having good people donate to your lifestyle instead of the "charity" you represent is not a legitimate charity….

  17. It’s wonderful that England looks after their historical history! Love the letter box etc! Thank you once again x

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